ZipGrow Towers in Australia

ZipGrow towers have made the journey across the sea to Australia!

Let me just say: It feels great to have ZipGrow towers in Australia.

Why does it feel so great, Amy?” you ask me. I’ll tell you why.

1) Because anticipation is in the air, and we get to be a big part of it. Some gloom-and-doomers see the problem of feeding 9 billion people in thirty years as scary, and nothing else. But we’re privileged to be creating and helping people adopt a solution… so instead of feeling oppressive anxiety, we feel excited! The world is on the verge of something great – a new age of agriculture – and seeing ZipGrow spread across the globe is a bright signal that this new age has begun.

2) Australia is the birthplace of aquaponics, and having ZipGrow there shows an incredible collaboration between rich tradition and new technology. Everything that we’ve seen from people like Nick Wood (below) tells us that the creativity of Australian aquaponicists, paired with the sophisticated but simple design of ZipGrow, will yield something beyond what we’ve seen before.

We expect this shipment of ZipGrow products to become something great.

Let us make this easy for you.

If you aren’t already familiar with aquaponics- good. Let us make this as easy and rewarding for you as possible.

We share GrowPacked‘s vision of:

“Putting the power of food production back into the hands of the local consumer.”

With this container of ZipGrows heading to the land of Oz, it’s easy to see that the good folks at GrowPacked are working hard towards that goal by providing you- the consumer- with the best tools for the most high-density growing imaginable.

zipgrow towersHere’s what GrowPacked has to say about ZipGrows in Australian aquaponics:

“Many Australian backyards have either very little space or only small areas that receive all day sun- so why do we produce most of our vegetables on a single-plane? ZipGrow towers address this by using a volumetric approach to vegetable production, and it shows. Using ZipGrow towers, most greens can be produced at densities 2-3 higher than raft or NFT (traditional hydroponics) on a square metre basis, while most greens can be 3-4 times more productive per square metre.”

Finally! ZipGrow Towers in Australia

Previously we could only ship our products from the US, which was very expensive and significantly increased the price, but now you can get our high-density growing towers in Australia for a reasonable price.

Nick Wood and the GrowPacked team are selling five- and three-foot ZipGrow towers, Spring Systems, pulling hooks, Matrix Media replacements, and fertilizers. Anything you need to setup your aquaponics or hydroponics system, you can now get in Australia.

The early bird gets the worm [Er…Tower?]

The last shipments of products sold fast, so if you want to get your hands on some ZipGrow towers or Spring Systems, get onto soon!

Show us what you can do, Australia!