ZipGrow Living Green Walls at ASLA 2014

Posted by Chris Michael on November 20, 2014

Living Green Walls at the 2014 ASLA Expo!

ASLA LogoWe're super excited to introduce Bright Agrotech products to the landscape architects at the ASLA Conference.

Bringing the unlimited possibilities of ZipGrow technology to this year's expo may be one small step for Bright Agrotech, but we believe it really is one GIANT leap for landscape designers and architects of all kinds.

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Living Walls


What Do Living Walls Mean for Landscape Architects?

Living Green WallsLiving green wallsThis weekend, at the Denver Convention Center, we'll be unveiling living wall technology that we believe will empower an entirely new set of innovators and creatives.

Our tech is simple, yet remarkable.

It's affordable, yet refined.

It's been intentionally designed as a building block, a Lego or Lincoln Log if you will, for not only a new age of farmer, but landscape designers, architects and even restaurant owners.

Already we've seen innovative folks like Teryl Chapel and the Koru Collaborative using living walls to green the concrete jungle and redefine "local food" inside of restaurants (see photo below).



living walls in restaurants


ZipGrow Towers Are Revolutionizing the Landscape Design Industry

Living Green WallsZipGrow towers enable urban growers and allow architects to incorporate food crops and even ornamentals (i.e. flowers) into design.

The simple design creates an extremely durable yet highly mobile product that is 1/5 to 1/10 the cost of traditional green wall structures.

Unlike traditional green wall technology which are very limited in what they can grow, ZipGrow living green walls are beautiful and can be placed anywhere, all while providing fresh produce to communities all over the world.

It's no secret ZipGrow towers empower creative minds, and we can't wait to see what these Landscape Architects can create.

Want this eBook for free? Come visit our booth in Denver!

Come Visit Us at Booth 1734!

Come find us at the expo to see our living green walls in action and receive a free information packet.
Visit Booth 1734 (near the coffee/bar).



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We'll See You In Denver!

In the mean time, follow us on Twitter for live tweets of the weekend's events!


More Info on ASLA

Every year, ASLA gets together to share news, developments, and technology at the Annual Expo (check out the video below).
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