ZipFarms™ Are Easy To Use, And We Have The GIFs To Prove It

Posted by Amy Storey on October 29, 2015

ZipFarms™ are easy to use.

You can roll them around like shopping carts.

ZipFarms are Easy to Use

No more walking back and forth, and back and forth to harvest and plant.

You can connect them with two quick clicks.

ZipFarms are Easy to Use

Spend one hour lots of money 3 seconds connecting and disconnecting racks from your farm.

The lights move themselves.

ZipFarms are easy

Flip a switch. On and off. That's really it.

The water doses it's own nutrients and pH.

ZipFarms are Easy to Use

No complicated testing equipment and double-guessing? Sign me up!

Towers are easy to take out and put back in.

ZipFarms are easy

  1. Lift the tower. 2. Place in gutter. 3. Psych! There is no third step, because this is easy.

Harvesting is stupid simple.

ZipFarms™ are easy

Slide a sharp knife along the face of the tower and collect the produce. It's as easy as that.

Just one person can manage 16 of these things. (At least.)

Drone Nate moving around ZipFarm

It takes a person about an hour and a half per day to maintain the four ZipFarms™ we keep for testing.

Conclusion: Starting with ZipFarm™ is a no-brainer.

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Be as happy as Ruebin. Start with ZipFarm™.

Be Moonwalkin' Happy


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