Wyoming Business Council Approves Grant for Bright Agrotech's Headquarters

Posted by Amy Storey on June 17, 2016

The Wyoming Business Council announced yesterday, June 16, the approval of a grant to fund a new building for Bright Agrotech's HQ in Laramie, WY. 


A New Building Brings New Opportunities 

We're thrilled to announce our request for a state business grant to build our headquarters here in Laramie has officially been issued! 

According to the Wyoming Business Council:

"Laramie requested a $2,685,750 grant and $209,250 loan to construct a 12,150 square-foot building to house vertical hydroponics manufacturer Bright Agrotech. The Laramie Chamber Business Alliance will provide a 3.85-acre lot in the Laramie River Business Park. The company is a Wyoming Technology Business Center incubator graduate. " (Read the full article from the Wyoming Business Council)


A New HQ Means Sustaining our Focus on the Farmer

This business grant brings incredible possibilities for our rapidly growing startup.

For one, it allow us to continue to hire passionate, hardworking team members to contribute to the success of our farmers.



Everything we do here at Bright Agrotech revolves around empowering modern farmers to start businesses and build a better food economy. From our wide range of products like the ZipGrow Tower to our online educational platform Upstart University to our new farm planning software, Able, we're 100% focused on the farmer.  This grant allows us to keep our focus on creating value for these farms in the way of new innovative products and services. 

This grant will also give us some much needed space for our ongoing research and development projects that allow us to continue to lead the controlled environmental agriculture industry year after year.

Part of the value such a facility brings to the table is our ability to collect rich data to continue empowering our network of farmers. Being able to share valuable information with new and veteran farmers alike means they're more successful when planning and managing their operations. 

chris-circle.png"This has been a long process, but with the state and city fully supporting us, we're excited to move into our own space here in Laramie," says Chris Michael, Co-Owner and CMO at Bright Agrotech.

"We've hired an overwhelming majority of University of Wyoming graduates in the last four years, helping some of Wyoming's best and brightest to stay in Wyoming, and we're looking forward to keeping that trend going," Michael said. 

In sum, keeping our startup here in Laramie is a benefit not only to the farming community but to the City of Laramie, which has a goal of “keeping a rapidly expanding, locally-grown business in the Gem City" (Laramie Live).

"We're grateful for the continued support the Laramie community has shown us over the last few years and we're excited to double our efforts to make Laramie a 'smart agriculture' hub," Says Michael.

Bright Agrotech expects to break ground on the new building this fall.

Read the full article from the Wyoming Business Council.

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