Vertical Farming Investment a Burgeoning Opportunity

Posted by Amy Storey on July 6, 2015

Vertical farming is changing an entire industry.

CNBC's recent article proclaimed vertical farming to be a "hot new area for investors."

" increasing number of sophisticated early-stage investors (venture and growth equity firms on one hand, and strategic players such as food companies looking to get in on the trend on the other hand) believe these New Age food factories could transform agribusiness."

Here at Bright Agrotech, we have a front-row seat of the dynamically changing industry. We couldn't agree more that vertical farming is transforming agricultural business.

We do have a different perspective of what that transformation will result in, however. The definition of vertical farming is moving as quickly as the technology that it envelopes, and the current implications of the phrase are not at their final resting place. We know that vertical farming as depicted in popular mainstream media is not a comprehensive representation.

We also see many of the disadvantages of vertical farming in the progress of being overcome. It's an exciting time to be a farmer!

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