USA Pavilion Spotlighted by Inhabitat (With Picture Gallery)

Posted by Amy Storey on May 7, 2015
Five years ago, Bright Agrotech was founded on values of innovation and unity. This summer, those years of long days, dedication, and hard work are paying off with the American manifestation of innovation.
The US Pavilion at this years World Fair is decked with a 7200 square foot green wall. Read Inhabitat's article and check out their photo gallery.

Biber Architects exhibit incredible 7200-square-foot vertical farm at World Expo with US Pavillon

By Mike Chino with

“The super green smart building is made from reclaimed Coney Island boardwalk wood, it features the world’s largest opacity-shifting SPD SmartGlassroof, and it’s wrapped with a lush living farmscape that runs the length of a football field…”




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See all of the media on the Pavilion’s green wall here.




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