Towersgiving: This Year, We’re Giving More Than Thanks


This year, we’re giving more than thanks…

We’re giving comics!

Yes, you did read me correctly. We chose comics as a way of celebrating the people who, like you, are choosing to strive for a better future of food! We’re excited to show you the comics, which introduce eight amazing farmers and why they have chosen to do what they do.

You might read the comics because they’re entertaining. You might do it to get the recipes that each farmer will be giving as part of their participation.

You might do it to win the trust of a local farmer.

Eight farmers.One mission.Bacon wrapped turkey.Why wouldn't you read them- (7)

Regardless of the “why” behind your interest, we want to you to know that:

Anyone can join us in this mission of making food healthier and more accessible!

(That goes both for farmers and for consumers.)

There are dozens of ways to join the table.

Untitled design (5)

But sometimes, obstacles keep people with great potential from joining the table.

This season, we want to remove obstacles and make it easier for people to start growing their own food. That’s why we’re doing “Towersgiving.” Towersgiving is a sale that we do each year. This year, we’re giving away one free ZipGrow Tower with every three. You can check this sale (and all of the comics) on our shop.

Ultimately, we hope that you will join the table, too. The bright future is coming, and it would be all the brighter for having you in it.

(The linked page is updated with a new comic every other day!)