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Posted by Amy Storey on December 18, 2014

grwoup gallery picThe Upstart Farming movement is spreading.

What is Upstart Farming?

Over the past few years, new minds have been entering the agricultural scene and recognizing great potential that traditional farming has been under-utilizing for centuries.

Some of them have acted on that recognition and have been creating new types of farms, solving obstacles, tapping into produce quality, and cooking up exciting strategies that have never been used on a commercial scale before.

For example: London's GrowUp Box, run by Tom Webster and Kate Hofman.

Tom and Kate use male tilapia in their aquaponic vertical farm to provide nutrients for their crops, which are mostly salad greens and basil. The super efficiently-grown crops are then sold as fresh as can be to local restaurants.

See for yourself!

You may be asking, "What's the big deal? It's a neat little farm, but it's hardly a world-changing movement."

We've seen Upstart Farmers like Tom and Kate popping up all over the place, all growing different crop sets for different markets of different sizes. Some are large and some are small like the GrowUp Box. But they all have a few things in common:

  • They all see rapid success in their markets
  • They all have the ability to scale due to innovative equipment and support from their markets
  • They're all using super-efficient growing systems
  • They all take pride in knowing that they're using a responsible method and that it's working
  • They're all have "think, do, improve" mentality that leads them to success

GrowUp restaurantFrom where we are, we can see the big picture. And these "neat little farms" are becoming something so much more earth-shaking. They're forging a path to a brighter future, cutting down old, inefficient, irresponsible, and unhealthy practices and doing something that people have tried before and failed at; they're replacing those practices with viable solutions.

Take a look at these Upstart Farms and GrowUp Box, and be amazed.


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