The 6 Main Challenges of Classroom Gardens (And How to Overcome Them)

Posted by Juan Valdez on February 14, 2017


So you want to start a classroom garden...

Classroom gardens can offer new opportunities for students and can be utilized in ways that make them more affordable. 

We’ve already discussed how classroom gardens are a solution to low resources and other benefits. Now we’re going to talk about the first steps toward building your own classroom garden.

This article will help you overcome common challenges of starting a classroom garden, as well as help you find the right materials you need to make it happen. 

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The Top 7 Reasons to Start a Classroom Garden

Posted by Juan Valdez on February 7, 2017

New problems, new tools

While today's educators face their own unique challenges, there has never been a better time to be teaching STEM subjects. Public opinion, movements like the local farming and urban ag movements, and a burst in agricultural innovation are colliding to create the perfect environment for STEM and other learning.

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Edible Learning Lab: The 3 Things You Need to Start a School Garden

Posted by Amy Storey on May 25, 2016

You might not expect to find a garden in an old basement music room in Buffalo, Wyoming. Nevertheless, the wood paneled walls are lined with vertical gardens, LED lights hang from pulleys, and raised beds fill the room with green. In beanbag chairs, elementary aged students lounge, raising hands and calling out questions as they’re walked through the agenda for the day.


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Mistakes Could Be The Best for Experiential Learning

Posted by HalleBrake on August 14, 2015

Classroom gardening opens up unique opportunities for both teachers and students, from engaging new ways to teach STEM subjects to real-world connections with the community and future employers for students. While classroom gardens can transform the teaching-learning experience, obstacles like space, funding, and experience keep most educators from getting one. Solutions like compact or vertical gardens and alternative funding sources answer two of those needs; but what about experience? The same hurdle keeps even the most well-funded and space-endowed people from starting gardens.

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Scientific Innovation​ and the Roadmap to STEM Con in Wyoming

Posted by Amy Storey on August 5, 2015

On Monday the Bright Agrotech Education team got to attend the Roadmap to STEM Conference in Sheridan, Wyoming. It was chock-full of enthusiastic and creative educators, who were a joy to meet.

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American Students Visit the Operation Behind the USA Pavilion

Posted by Amy Storey on July 20, 2015

In June 2015, a group of American student ambassadors went to the 2015 World Fair in Milan, Italy, to have a look at the operation behind the USA Pavilion's giant vertical farm.

It seems like the operation was not what the students expected! We're glad to see the next generation of innovators take an interest in alternative agriculture and take it home with them.

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Science Club Uses Vertical Garden To Spark Innovation

Posted by HalleBrake on July 13, 2015

If you didn't know - vertical gardening is all the rage in schools right now. And it's likely to stay that way. But as an educator pondering the idea, you may be wondering what exactly the experience might be like for young students and what type of success is actually possible.

 Today I'm introducing you to another inspiring soil-less science educator in our community - Becky Theis.

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Top 10 Funding Opportunities & Grants for School Gardens

Posted by HalleBrake on June 30, 2015


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Super Student Innovation Results in Exciting Opportunities

Posted by HalleBrake on June 18, 2015

What happens when two high school students take their class project home?

"Choas. Destruction. Insanity, " you say. Or perhaps you're thinking the opposite. "Absolutely nothing. It just sits there untouched, abandoned and forlorn."

What if neither was the case? What if instead the students spent hours and hours fiddling with the project, passionately crafting it into their own innovative masterpiece?

Well, that's when you would get something like this.

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FFA and Hydroponics: An Interview with Jay Super

Posted by HalleBrake on June 8, 2015


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