Heating a Greenhouse With Wood

Posted by Chris Michael on May 20, 2013

Heating with wood: What's the hype about?

Heating a greenhouse here in Wyoming is not an easy task.

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Amending Soils with Manure [Building a Greenhouse: Part 3]

Posted by Chris Michael on May 1, 2013

 Building a greenhouse (Part 3)

This is our third video post in a series on "Building a Greenhouse," and today we're talking about soil amendments!

In Part 1, we showed you some of the best benefits of building a greenhouse including:

  • Extending your growing season
  • Gaining more control over your growing variables (pests, temperature, humidity, etc.)
  • Providing shelter for crops from snow, hail, and high winds

And in Part 2, we walked you through installing, securing and inflating your greenhouse covering.

If you're building a greenhouse for hydroponic production, you won't need soil amendments. See the Greenhouse Bundle for more info on building vertical hydroponic greenhouses.

If you plan on growing in the ground, then you will probably want soil amendments to get your soil to the ideal texture & nutrition levels for growing. Today, we'll be discussing some basic soil amendments you may need to do once you have your greenhouse cover on and your soil is fairly thawed out.

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Installing a Greenhouse Covering [Building a Greenhouse: Part 2]

Posted by Chris Michael on April 24, 2013

As you saw in part one, greenhouses can enable you to grow more of the crops you want by extending your growing season and giving more control over environmental variables like pests and temperature.

We started with simple double-layer hoophouses for our first commercial greenhouses. We ordered our kit and put it together ourselves, although some companies will offer installation as a service.

If you're considering a DIY hoophouse of your own, you'll want to know what installing a greenhouse covering takes. Here's a quick guide on the steps to putting the hoophouse together and tips to make is as frustration-free as possible!

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Why YOU Should Build a Greenhouse - [Building a Greenhouse: Part 1]

Posted by Chris Michael on April 17, 2013

Want to grow more? Build a greenhouse!

Greenhouses are a great way to create a controlled growing environment that will help increase productivity while also extending growing periods. This is the first post/video documenting Bright Agrotech's greenhouse build.

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