Planning a Greenhouse: Structures and Heating

Posted by Amy Storey on May 24, 2017
If you're planning a greenhouse, then you know how much climate will impact the heating and cooling of your greenhouse.  Growers can control temperature despite climate by having a properly sized HVAC system and by choosing the right structure and and covering.  

Before jumping into structure and covering, we have to understand that the structure type determines whether or not your greenhouse needs a foundation.

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Greenhouse Business: Start-Up Costs, Profits, and Labor

Posted by Jason Arnold on April 19, 2017

As real estate prices continue to reach historic highs, Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) is emerging as a solution for landlocked urban and suburbanites.

This article will feature an entry-level greenhouse that can fit on a 1,000 ft2 footprint and can be operated as a part-time job.

We will take some time to understand which crops are appropriate, seasonal variations, and market pricing for several popular crops. Finally, we will take a look at the startup costs involved and the potential profits.

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Light Dynamics: 3 Things You Need to Know About Artificial Lighting

Posted by Amy Storey on March 17, 2016

Enough light ≠ optimal light

If you're growing indoors (and maybe even if you're growing outdoors), you should consider artificial lighting. 

"Woah, hang on a second," you're thinking. "I have plenty of good sunlight. I don't need more."

While natural light might be enough for your crops to grow, you could be missing out on a lot of extra growth. Artificial lighting can increase yield significantly even when used as a supplement. It can also give you more control over quality and structure of your crops.

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myfood Pioneers Sustainable Greenhouse Kit in Europe

Posted by Amy Storey on March 2, 2016

An early adopter can do more than just set trends. Matthieu Urban believes that as a founder of farming business “myfood”, he can give the company's first adopters something much more valuable than a chance to “be first”. He can give them a place in an exciting community with strong values.

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Holly and Poinsettias: Don't Leave Your Greenhouse Out of Christmas

Posted by Conner Armstrong on December 23, 2015


Holiday staples poinsettias and holly offer insights into growing decorative plants in your greenhouse—and, hey, it’s Christmastime; these beauties are in high demand.

The lasting, vibrant colors of poinsettias and hollies recommend themselves as easy winter decorations and have done so for centuries. Guatemalan and Mexican peoples decked their halls with poinsettias long before Franciscan missionaries introduced them to the idea of Christmas, and the scattered tribes of pre-medieval Europe hung holly over doorframes as part of religious winter celebrations. Americans, with roots in both hemispheres, cheerily scatter both around their homes each December.

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How to Reduce Humidity in A Greenhouse

Posted by Amy Storey on December 18, 2015

Have you ever walked into a greenhouse in the morning, as the sun rises? You open the door, step forward, and your glasses immediately fog up. You breathe in that fresh, warm, air. On all of the walls, water drips and trickles- condensation accumulated overnight. Even the plant leaves are shimmering with their collected water.

It's a beautiful scene to most people. To farmers it means a bit more.

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High Tunnels For Small Producers: The Greenhouse Shopping List

Posted by Amy Storey on December 5, 2015

Budgeting and sourcing materials can be a real pain.

When you are planning to build out a greenhouse or warehouse space, you need to make sure that every dollar and every square foot counts. At Bright Agrotech, we believe that farmers like you are changing the face of our local food system. And like you, we are dedicated to low cost, common sense solutions that don’t compromise quality.

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What Indoor CO2 Enrichment Can Do For You

Posted by Amy Storey on June 1, 2015

What does CO2 do?

We're all familiar with CO2.
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The One Thing You're Probably Overlooking in Your Greenhouse

Posted by Nate Storey on May 27, 2015

What's the most undervalued greenhouse cost? You might be surprised.

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How to Grow Seeds in a Greenhouse

Posted by Amy Storey on April 14, 2015

Today Noah Newman walks you through the process to grow seeds in your greenhouse.

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