Planning Your Farm: Projecting Farm Revenue

Posted by Elesif Smith on February 9, 2015

The Importance of Projecting Farm Revenue

Now that you have solid goals for your farm (i.e. you want to grow your own food and share it with your community), you're ready to get these financials nailed down.

Keep up that attitude and sit up for the next part of your financial planning: projecting revenue.
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The Benefits of Farmers' Markets for Hydroponic Growers

Posted by Amy Storey on January 26, 2015

Is selling at farmers' markets right for me?

Whether your farm is already producing or you're just planning out your business, you should always have your eye on potential markets. If you don't have the capacity to break into a prospective market right now, you may in the future.

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6 Essential Marketing Materials for Upstart Farms

Posted by Perry Baptista on January 23, 2015

Marketing matters

As many farmers begin planning their farm, the area of marketing appears as a giant, intimidating question mark. While everybody knows that marketing is imperative to success, not many people feel comfortable working with it. This leads to one of two reactions. 

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To Build a Farm: Determine Your Timeline

Posted by Elesif Smith on January 21, 2015

So you're looking into starting a farm. Awesome!

You must have heard about the Upstart Farmer movement... This is going to be HUGE.

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To Build a Farm: Determine Your Break-Even Point

Posted by Elesif Smith on January 19, 2015

When will your farm pay itself off?

This is the second article on small farm financials.

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Unparalleled Support for Vertical Farmers

Posted by Perry Baptista on January 14, 2015

Support for Farmers Just Got Better

For a while now we've made it our mission to expand your knowledge of practical (i.e. not a "sky farm skyscraper") vertical hydroponic growing.

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Upstart University Commercial Hydroponics Flow Chart

Posted by Chris Michael on January 8, 2015

What Level Are You In?

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Hydroponic Metrics that Actually Matter

Posted by Amy Storey on January 7, 2015

So you're building a farm...

Maybe it's 200 square feet, maybe it's 20,000.

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Insuring Your Upstart Farm

Posted by Perry Baptista on December 17, 2014

What kind of insurance do you need for your farm?

Insuring your Upstart Farm is an important step when starting the business.

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Commercial Hydroponics: Finding Local Restaurant Demand

Posted by Chris Michael on December 3, 2014

How do commercial hydroponic growers determine local restaurant demand?


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