The ZipFarm™ is Growing Local Farming Opportunities Indoors

Posted by Jason Arnold on October 29, 2015

The ZipFarm™ increases yields by growing vegetables vertically, and makes indoor growing profitable.

The future of urban agriculture is up for grabs. With 81% of the U.S. population now living in urban and suburban areas, many first generation farmers are working to bring agricultural activities into the city. Startups and investors are getting involved, leading TechCrunch to declare recently that AgTech is the New Queen of Green.

In an effort to empower more of these urban farmers, Bright Agrotech is launching a turnkey vertical indoor growing system called the ZipFarm™.


ZipFarms are Easy to Use


USA Pavilion Vertical FarmThe company gained widespread recognition for the USA Pavilion at the 2015 World’s Fair, where ZipGrow technology was used to create the world’s largest food-producing living wall.

Nate Storey, CEO, designed the systems as an intermediate technology that does not require a huge capital investment.

“Most of the vertical farms you see in the news are these massive facilities, with 200,000 square feet of production and five tiers of rack space. When it takes millions and millions of dollars to get in, that kind of tells me you are not making it accessible to everyone.”

Storey says he designed the ZipFarm to allow small producers to impact their communities. “The idea that one person in a relatively small community - say a town of 30,000 or 40,000 people - can put in a ZipFarm™ and serve their market profitably...that’s interesting.”

The result is a mobile vertical growing rack capable of growing hundreds of pounds of plants. The systems come with a guide for estimating labor costs and production yields, making it easy to project farm profits. Storey says that a single worker can maintain 800-1600 towers from seed to harvest, depending on their level of experience. The company provides a full service support team, along with online learning courses and webinars.

About The Company: Bright Agrotech is a recognized leader in the booming urban agriculture industry. With over two million views on Youtube, the company has earned an international following by providing solutions for indoor growers.

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