City Planet Farms: Redefining New York Urban Farming

Posted by Perry Baptista on September 26, 2014

Taking on the Concrete Jungle, One Farm At a Time

Upstart Farmers aren't just located in rural greenhouses.

Since they use ZipGrow technology, the vertical farm can grow anywhere.

City Planet Farms is one example growing around New York City.

Farmer Teryl Chapel and his team have been busy. I mean really busy.

They've recently installed several aquaponic and greenwall systems in restaurants and other urban sites all around the Big Apple.

I mean... Look at this green wall inside of Page at 63 Main's dining atrium!

growing food in restaurants


Transforming New York Urban Farming

Teryl recently updated us on the progress at his urban farms and green walls:

"The 2 edible green walls and aquaponic grow [system] I installed for Page Restaurant in Sag Harbor are doing well and being harvested regularly. I have trained a young employee of the restaurant to manage all three systems."

Aquaponics systems are popping up all over our nation's urban environments.

And for good reason, right?

Recirculating systems are incredibly sustainable when it comes to water use efficiency and bringing more innovative farms closer to urban centers means fresher, healthier food for urban dwellers.

Truly vertical farms fit perfectly with the small spaces open to growing in our cities.

Teryl and his group see the potential to transform New York urban farming and they aren't slowing down.

For them, it's grow time...

Here's Teryl again:

"We just planted our first 16 out of 50 towers at the Harlem rooftop site at the Kennedy Center and tied the towers in with our 2 deepwater troughs. For a young aquaponic system, it is doing pretty well in spite of aphid problems. We introduced ladybugs and have been manually washing the plants. The aphids seem to especially favor the Russian Red Kale."

Pest Problems? Here's a Pest Control Packet

Learn about the wall from Teryl himself

What's Growing?

Their systems are planted with basil, mizuna, tatsoi, red mustard and Russian Kale.

Food production isn't their only goal, however...

"We intend to create an urban food production vocational training program at the Harlem site and will keep you posted."

City Planet Farms is also writing a proposal for another farm on eastern Long island.

Of course, we're excited to see ZipGrow towers used in an urban environment.

Upstart Farmers like City Planet Farms are changing the urban landscape, bringing food closer to the table than ever before.

And, it's a future we're excited to live in.


Here are a few more photos of City Planet Farms's projects





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