The Great Tilapia Fry of 2015

Posted by Amy Storey on July 16, 2015

With the deconstruction of our aquaponics system (making way for better things) comes many goodbyes. Some of those goodbyes are bittersweet. One that we said Wednesday night to ten old tilapia was neither bitter nor sweet. More... salty. With a hint of cayenne.

Danny with tilapia

Waste not, want not, right?

Fish Fry-5764

The whole gang gathered to catch, clean, and fry up some tilapia which have been in our tanks for years.

Fish Fry-5757

And where there's fried fish, there should be beer.

Fish Fry-5780


Fish Fry-5775

Dr. Nate's daughter Charlotte was very interested in the fish. (Aquaponic water in her blood?)

Fish Fry-5782

Even pets came to help with the fry.

Fish Fry-5790

We had a great time!

Fish Fry-5796

Fish Fry-5773

Some of us might have even had leftover tilapia for breakfast this morning.

Fish Fry-5776

Eventually we retreated from some foreboding rain clouds on the horizon. Well played, Nature.

Fish Fry-5802

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