The CSA Contract

Community Supported AgricultureCSA Growers Packet. This is blog post number two of four posts to highlight what a CSA grower needs to succeed. If you cant wait, download the entire packet here.

The CSA contract will be the most important document of your CSA as it leads marketing and customer management efforts. The CSA Contract doesnt need to be overly formal or filled with legalese, but it does need to be clear, detailed, and complete. The contract should explain the relationship between you and your customer, including:

  • What do they get?
  • What do you get?
  • What are the risks inherent in the relationship?

Before writing your contract, gather information about your production and costs so that you can accurately predict share size, delivery frequency, and share pricing.

What to include in the CSA contract

The CSA contract should include the following details:

  • Introduction to your farm and staff
  • Explanation of growing techniques/controls
  • Term (length) of contract
  • Share sizes/types
  • Delivery/pickup days/times
  • Delivery/pickup location
  • Any days that your CSA will not deliver (holidays, other circumstances)
  • How payment is to be accepted
  • Terms of payment
  • Contact information
  • Customer agreement and signature (to be detached and remitted to the farm)
  • Customer contact information (to be detached and remitted to the farm)
  • Any other relevant details (crop list, what is done with excess food, if friends can pick up, refund policy etc.)

Explain EVERYTHING! Eliminate your customers surprises (and your own). A well-written contract will let your customer know exactly what theyre signing up for and mitigate potential disputes. Make sure to collect their signed agreement up front, at the time of payment, to ensure that customers have read and understand the contract.

Grab a CSAGrowers PacketCSA-Growers-Packet.jpg

You do not need to write your contract from scratch weve created a template you can use within the CSA Growers Packet! Save yourself some time and download today.

Feel like youre ready to start your own CSA? Check out our CSA Growers Packet, which contains detailed best management practices, marketing strategies, customer management techniques, a financial planner, and workbook to help you create a successful CSA.