Unparalleled Support for Vertical Farmers

Support for Farmers Just Got Better

For a while now we’ve made it our mission to expand your knowledge of practical (i.e. not a “sky farm skyscraper”) vertical hydroponic growing.

Our small team works hard to churn out a ton of high-quality resources about hydroponics and aquaponics; just look at our blog, YouTube channel, ebooks, and more.

And because we care about more than the bottom line- like your life-long success- providing this support is more than just a job for us. It’s a duty, bound to our hearts by conviction.

But enough with the gooey stuff.

What you need to know is that our conviction results in high quality support that continues even after you invest in your first ZipGrow towers.

We take a lot of time to engage our growers through phone, email, skype, forums, and even personal visits. In fact, it makes our day to hear all the amazing ways that ZipGrow technology is changing gardens and farms alike!

We’re thrilled to solve problems and get young Upstart Farms off the ground to become thriving vertical farmers.

And now, we’re offering even more support for Upstart Farmers.

Support Package Now Included with all Commercial Orders

upstart farmer support“I thought the Upstart Farmer’s were professional farmers?” You may ask.

That’s true. But even professionals have room to learn, to grow, and even troubleshoot, because- let’s face it- even the best-laid plans often go awry.

Sure, you’ve heard the cliche before, but if there’s one situation where it’s alarmingly true, it’s farming.

Some Upstart Farmers have spent years planning every aspect of their system, learning the ins and outs of hydroponic growing and perfecting a business plan.

Some have no experience at all and have decided to dive in head first.

Both will encounter unforeseen hiccups somewhere along the line. In our experience, “somewhere” ends up being a whole lot sooner than anyone wants.

That’s where Bright Agrotech comes in.

We desire to see your Upstart Farm get growing as quickly as possible. That’s why we’re trying to make our support even better. So starting now, every commercial order of ZipGrow towers comes bundled with a support package.

Upstart Farmer Support

The Upstart Support Package includes…

  • One-on-one help from an Upstart Farmers expert along with a ton of ongoing support. This means speaking with a team member who has had the experience of working with dozens of your fellow beginner farmers.
  • A set amount of time for an initial phone training.During this time, we’ll try to understand as much about your system and goals as possible, and of course, take all your questions. You’ll received personalized recommendations and answers based on your needs.
  • Continuing phone and email support with the team here at our Bright Agrotech office. Any day, anywhere, we’re here to drop our tasks and work for you.
  • Membership in the Upstart Farmers Community, a growing online social network, blog, and help forum. This is a multi-media jackpot of practical information and troubleshooting.
  • Invitation to exclusive Upstart Farmers events such as our “Upstart Farmers Roundtable”, where you and your fellow Upstarts can exchange ideas, news, and advice.
  • Free promotion on UpstartFarmers.com as appropriate, as well promotion on as many other platforms as we have content for. (We like you, so bragging about how great you are is really more of a pleasure than a burden for us.)
  • Anything else that we can think of. (And we have an explosively creative team just waiting to delight you, so “anything else we can think of” holds a ton of value.)

What can your Upstart Farmers expert help with?

We’re not just about growing crops.

Your Upstart Farmers Expert can work with you on:Upstart Support

  • System setup and design
  • Farm management
  • Marketing and Live Sales
  • Compliance
  • and anything else of concern!

Because we so want to see your farm succeed, we offer this support package for free to any beginning commercial grower.

So if you’re worried about dealing with the unexpected problem or planning your farm, don’t be. You’re part of the team now, and we take care of our own.

Want to learn more about the Upstart Farmers?

Here’s what they stand for.

Who are the Upstart Farmers?

The Upstart Farmers are a growing network of commercial, vertical, hydroponic growers using ZipGrow towers. They’re passionate about changing the future of agriculture. They provide the freshest possible food to their local markets using Live Sales.

Start your path to becoming an Upstart Farmer. With Bright Agrotech behind you, all you have to do is take the plunge.

ZipGrow Farmer Pricing