Selling at Farmer's Markets [Webinar]

Posted by Chris Michael on March 18, 2014

Finding Your Markets: Farmer's Markets

In our previous webinar, Dr. Nate Storey discussed how to begin selling your aquaponic or hydroponic produce to supermarkets.

We got some incredible feedback from interested growers out there who have equipped their excitement with some best practices and common approaches for getting their product to market.

Since then, we've heard from dozens of hobby growers that either want to diversify their distribution and explore other sales channels, specifically selling at farmer's markets.

Why Sell At Farmer's Markets?

As spring is rapidly approaching for most of us here in the northern hemisphere, there's no better time to start prepping your aquaponics or hydroponics systems for selling at your local markets.

Farmer's Markets can be a fantastic way to:

  • Earn some extra income
  • Gain some marketing exposure to a new customer base (this is helpful with CSA programs)
  • Get to know more of your local community
  • Increase and maintain higher margins for your produce (you're the retailer)
  • Test new products and gain customer insights

This webinar is open to the free and open to the public.

Watch the webinar


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 Editor's Note: We've come a long way since the publication of this article, and now have a downloadable guide available here to help you on your way to selling at your local farmers market! 


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