Plant Spacing in ZipGrow Towers

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Plant Spacing in ZipGrow Towers

Another common question folks ask is:

What’s the proper spacing for planting in my ZipGrow towers?”

The Answer: “It Depends…”

To figure out the best spacing, we recommend first and foremost that you consult the back of your seed packet.

Here you’ll find the recommended spacing, which is generally a great place to start.

For most of the crops we grow in our ZipGrows – largely nutrient dense greens and herbs – we stick to about a 6 inch spacing.

Six inch spacing helps us grow 8-10 lettuce or basil plants in a single 5′ ZipGrow tower.

Now, this is recommendation to get you started. It can also be a jumping off point until you figure out a few variables….

“Best” Spacing Depends on the Specific Crop and Desired Outcome

Crops Vary

The first variable you’ll need to address before planting your towers is that every crop grows slightly different.

Mint, for example grows like a weed and spreads throughout the entire tower. This differs from the majority of your greens like lettuce and kale that tend to grow more centralized and gain the majority of their weight in one spot.

Planting fruiting crops like strawberries will also require a general 6-8 inch spacing.

Goals Vary

The second variable in the proper crop spacing equation is your specific desired outcomes for your plants.

You’ll need to determine your farm’s production goals based on what your specific market wants. For example, do your customers want big or small heads of lettuce? These types of questions will help determine how far apart you’ll need to space your crops in ZipGrow towers.

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