A Typical Morning at the Vertical Farm & Soil Greenhouse

This video is the first of two in a series we shot to answer some of the questions folks had about what it looks like to run a commercial operation.

In this video, Dr. Nate will lead you through a typical morning routine as he opens up the greenhouses. He’ll show you the steps we take in getting the vertical aquaponic farm ready to rock for the day, as well as give you some insight to what we’re growing in our traditional soil greenhouse too.

We’ll shoot more videos like this in the future, but consider this a farm update for the month of June, 2013!

Keeping the vertical farm cool

Even though we didn’t have a CSA pickup, we did manage to install another roll-up sidewall on our vertical aquaponic greenhouse this week.

This will drastically help out in the summer months because it has been well over 100 degrees in there a few days already.

Here’s a shot of Noah and Paul getting the rollup side put on.

This type of work requires very little wind. Even the slightest breeze could rip part of the unsecured cover off and carry it all the way to Colorado!

Thinking about a greenhouse?

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