New York Times Spotlights the USA Pavilion

ZipGrow has been used for a colorful variety of applications. This summer, another is being added to the list as ZipGrow technology graces 7200 square feet of the US Pavilion green wall in Milan, Italy. The pavilion was designed to convey a message of innovation and unity. We have always known that ZipGrow embodies both of those ideals. Now it’s time for the world to see it.

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A Feast of Architectural Styles for Expo Milano 2015

By Julie Lasky with The New York Times

A 7,200-square-foot vertical farm makes up the east wallof the building. The job required transferring 42 varieties of vegetables, grains and herbs to about 1,500 hydroponic planters on swinging louvers. Their grid pattern refers to the 1785 Land Ordinance, which produced the geometry of American farmland, with the mechanized louvers creating an effect, Mr. Biber said, like amber waves of grain, or gills.”


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