Modular Farms Now Outfitting Canadians with ZipGrow


Oh, Canada.Modular Farms ZipGrow

We’re so glad to have you growing with ZipGrow, but the shipping costs that get slapped onto your orders probably communicate the opposite.

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that…

Canadians deserve more.

Up until today, our Canadian customers would pay outrageous amounts (and wait a long time) to get their ZipGrow products.

Obviously this doesn’t mesh so well with our core value of empowering farmers, so with the help of the folks at Modular Farms, Canada’s exclusive licensee and manufacturer of Bright Agrotech’s products, we’re doing something about it.

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You can now order ZipGrow from Modular Farms in Ontario.

Starting today, the team at Modular Farms will be manufacturing and distributing the full suite of ZipGrow products from Ontario. That means you are now able to find all of the ZipGrow products currently offered here in the USA in Canada, made by Canadians.

What does this mean for the modern Canadian farmer?

  • Faster deliveries and no customs fees or additional international shipping charges
  • A full service, dedicated support team right in your own country

You can now order your ZipGrow products at or reach Modular Farms by phone at1.855.947.4769.

Get to know Modular Farms

Learn more about the people bringing ZipGrow technology to Canada in this short video.

As you can see, Eric and Eric are more than just distributors.

Bergeron and Amyot have actually been growing and selling produce with ZipGrow (using a Freight Farm) since April of 2014.

That means that not only will they save you time and money on your orders, but they can offer technical support from the experience of farming in Canada.

They are farmers dedicated to helping farmers because they see the value in distributed, localized food production across the entire country.

According to them…

“We believe that everyone should be able to grow their own food and that the ZipGrow line of products is the perfect solution.”

smart greens

Even though you may not want want to start your own commercial farm, Bergeron and Amyot will help you craft the perfect system for your home, restaurant, or classroom garden.

Why? Because Modular Farms is committed to empowering all types of farmers and gardeners.

This alignment of values gets us incredibly excited to expand our family to our favorite neighbor to the North. I hope you’ll join me in welcoming them to the ZipGrow family!

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