Meet Able™: The Farm Planning Software That Will Free You From Spreadsheets Forever

Today, farmers drop the spreadsheets and get back to farming.

For todays farmers, good data on revenue projections, crop timelines, and market prices are hard to find, yet increasingly important to their success in the short- and long-term. Sure, they can do it, but not without dedicating dozens of hours to conducting research and crawling through spreadsheets. And up until now, thats exactly what most farmers have done.

But in a world rich with tech innovation, apps, and new tools, many of todays most innovative farmers are wondering, Why are we still spending hours doing this ourselves?Starting today, farmers wont have to. With the launch of Able farm planning software, farmers can finally say goodbye to spreadsheets, and get back to farming. To take the burden of planning, forecasting, accounting, and adjusting off of farmers, Able will act as the farmers virtual assistant.

Built by farmer and software engineer Chris Lukenbill and his team, Able answers the questions and solves the problems that Lukenbill himself had on his own farm. The free software brings a user-focused interface to any farmer trying to plan on his or her farm, whether they are just beginning, or are experienced farmers.Able-Fb2.jpg

Able brings user-friendly tools like production estimates, revenue projections, and planting schedules to farmers, anywhere that they have a device. After setting up their farm in Able by selecting crops varieties, growing methods, and customer demand, Able will get to work.

You select the technique youre using, the types of growing you want to do, and the types of crops you want to grow, and Able will do the rest.

-Nate Storey, CEO of Bright Agrotech

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