Join In: How Will New Technology in Indoor Ag Affect Farmers?

Posted by Amy Storey on June 3, 2016

Join us for a live conversation!

Join us this Tuesday, June 7th for a live video discussion on the indoor farming industry and what it has to offer our generation.

Indoor farming brings great potential to food production.

Anyone involved with food, from sustainability-conscious consumer to farmer, is becoming more and more focused on one looming phrase: “Nine billion.”

Under the shadow of that anticipation, a lot of people have turned to indoor farming, which promises higher food production for some crops that conventional field production can. Indoor growing means year round growing - and with some equipment, it means higher density growing, too.


The amount of potential in the industry is undeniable, and has brought growth in every respect. Innovation brings new products. A passion for growing food brings new farmers. And the desire for local food brings the demand that those farmers need. 

But with great potential comes unique challenges.

autogrow-full-IntelliDose_Side_Shot.jpgOf course, indoor farming brings many challenges along with its potential. Without the sun, wind, and even things as small as natural pollinators, farmers are stuck finding manmade solutions to plant needs.

Out of that challenge has come a great wave of new technology in indoor ag. The industry has engineered environmental controls and automated controllers. We create equipment that mimics the necessary traits of nature and jettisons the unnecessary.

And of course, we subsitute the sun with lights of our own, dropping the "waste" wavelengths to achieve better energy use.Light-4881.jpg

Will new technology change the game for local farmers?

When considered as a whole, the devleopment of new technologies is astounding. Things like LED lighting and automation are changing the very rules of the farming game. It brings to mind several questions, like:

  • How does innovation in farming affect farmers?
  • Will it make feeding people an easier or more rewarding task to undertake?
  • Will be begin to see more and more new farmers as a result?

Join us in a series of live online discussions to find the answers to these quesitons.

This Tuesday, we'll be taking a look at the indoor farming industry as a whole to discover what it has to offer local farmers. 

Dr. Nate Storey will be anwering questions about the industry, where it's headed, and what this means for farmers. For more details please see the event schedule



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