Insights from Indoor Ag Con 2015

Posted by Chris Michael on April 8, 2015

Indoor Agriculture is about to explode!

Last week several of our team and a dozen Upstart Farmers attended the 3rd Annual Indoor Ag Con in Las Vegas.

In addition to great time with the Upstart Farmers, we also got to hear from those active in the indoor ag industry.

A long list of speakers including folks from CropKing, Freight Farms and many more including our own Dr. Nate Storey, discussed a wide variety of topics. These speakers and panelists helped inspire and educate a large audience wanting to learn more about innovations in agriculture.

This article is a series of three videos on a few topics discussed during Dr. Nate Storey's panel on "Will Vertical Farming Ever Be Competitive With Field Farming."

Hope they are helpful!

Start Small, Scale Quickly: The Upstart Farmer Mantra

In this clip, Dr. Nate explains how ZipGrow equipment supports the "start small, scale quickly" approach for beginning farmers. This approach allows farmers to start with unique niche markets and scale up as they gain traction.

Controlled Environment Agriculture: Advantages of Indoor/Greenhouse Growing

In this video, Dr. Nate talks about advantages of greenhouse producers and how understanding your advantages can help you compete.

If there's one thing we learned at Indoor Ag Con, it's that the Controlled Environmental Agriculture (CEA) industry is about to explode and growing indoors comes with it's advantages.

These advantages may include pest and environment control gained from the facility as well as labor reduction gained from your growing technique.

Can Vertical Farming Compete with Field Farming?

Finally, in this video, Dr. Storey answers the question of whether vertical farming can compete with field farming varies across crop and market.

He also discusses what he thinks (and what Upstart Farmers know already) about what it means to sell a vertical farming experience over a vertical farming product.

As always, I hope this article was helpful to you.

Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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