[Live Event] Indoor Farming Startup Costs and Financing Strategies

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If you are looking for real information, you have come to the right place. Indoor farming promises to bring fresh, local produce to your neighborhood. In this session, Dr. Storey shares numbers for an 1,800 square foot vertical growing system.

Why Indoor Farming?

According to Newbean Capital, indoor growingfacilities “solve a real problem of meeting year round consumer demand for local produce.”

There are a number of reasons behind this growth. We are taking a closer look each week in a live conversation with our CEO and founder, Dr. Nate Storey. In last week’s conversation, we discussed operating expenses, and specifically how many ZipGrow Towers a single worker can handle on a full time crop turn.

How much does it cost to start an indoor farm? How profitable is it?

In this session, Dr. Storey covers questions like, “How much does it cost to start an indoor farm?” and “What are the major capital expenses?”

Interested investors and entrepreneurs will take away several key insights into the technology. You can expect to hear about system design considerations, as well as real numbers you can use for planning an indoor farming facility. The conversation will use a 1,800 square foot facility as an example, with insights into pricing for the following components:

  • ZipGrow Technology
  • Irrigation and plumbing
  • Automated nutrient systems
  • Facility requirements and upgrades
  • Lighting


  • How and why to add operational cash flow to the capital budget.

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0:00 How much liquid cash do you need on hand to start a Dunkin Donuts?
8:06 What are the items we need to consider when we are starting our capital budget?
9:30 Why we include cash reserves in our capital startup budget
11:49 Why we choose to grow with ZipGrow vertical plane production
13:50 Introduction to the system we are pricing today
15:27 How much does this system cost?
17:46 Facility requirements
21:50 Why HVAC can be so tricky
24:25 Post harvest processing equipment
28:27 Cash flow reserves during the startup phase. How and why to bring operational expenses into the capital budget
32:19 The bottom line number for this system
33:16 In comparison to a typical Dunkin Donuts franchise
36:05 What are the most common approaches to financing an indoor farm, plus how to qualify for a bank loan
36:15 Venture capital for indoor farming?
40:43 Why equipment financing strategies are easier to qualify
43:27 Why we don’t recommend financing more than 50% of your capital budget
46:18 Wrapup and audience questions

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