How To Start a Farm in 2016: Do It Like These 7 Farmers

Here at Bright Agrotech headquarters, we spend our days writing content to empower, creating products to equip, and troubleshooting with our farmers. We come in early and stay late, and we do it with a purpose. All of that hard work is rewarded with the knowledge that every act helps transform the lives of our farmers and their families. When we pause to look back on the results left in our wake, we see over fifty farms launched, profitable, and gaining speed.

That’s enough to make a person proud and inspire even the most doubtful.

So we’re sharing a few of those farms with you. Each of these farms has launched or expanded significantly this year. Perhaps the most exciting thing is that each of these farmers started as you. A normal person with a quiet dream to start a farm.

1- Lee Speigel, Pulaski Grow: Launched a farm

Pulaski_Grow_logo.pngDraper, Virginia

Pulaski Grow startedas the desire to empower the youth of Pulaski County, Virginia. Lee Speigel, founder and owner of the farm, built the operation with volunteer help in tough conditions, a testament to her dedication and commitment to Pulaski Grow’s mission. Now the farm trains youth for job readiness and is inarguably enriching the community of Pulaski County. Pulaski Grow launched in October, 2015, and is still going strong.


We look forward to see how Pulaski Grow’s juggernaut momentumbrings the farm to even brighter and bigger things in 2016.

Learn more about Pulaski Grow on it’sFacebook page or in this article.

2- Tom Deacon, Fable: From Farm to Table: Launched a farm

Hudson Valley, New Yorkfable_logo.jpg

Fable: From Farm to Table officially launched in August, 2015, and since has expanded into a 960 square foot greenhouse.

Here’s what Tom Deacon had to say about Fable’s growth this year:

Since Fables launch in August we attended our first Farmers Market (selling out of basil and rainbow swiss chard within 4 hours!), added a third team member, and started delivering sleeved basil to a local grocery store. Weve also been approved by corporate at two other grocery store chains that we are hoping to deliver to in 2016.


Next year we plan on delivering sleeved basil to other local stores and plan on bringing the live sales (‘cut your own’) model to a major nationwide grocery store chain that we are finalizing discussions with right now. A local hospital has also asked us to attend their bi-monthly farmers market and provide them with a consistent supply of vegetables for their kitchen. We are also excited to install bee hives and bring in our first set of chickens for egg sales.”

We know Fable will continue to grow in 2016.

Check out Fable’s site here.

3- Brian Evans, Halo Greens: Lhalo_greens_logo.pngaunched a farm

Charleston, South Carolina

Brian Evans found a passion for sustianability and healthy living during a stint in the Navy. He chose friendly and welcoming Charleston as his home and the birthplace of his farm, Halo Greens.

halo_farm_barn.jpegThough it began as a small test aquaponic system, the farm has grown into a full aquaponic farm with catfish and launched this Decemberwitha healthy pool of restaurants and stores interested inits fresh produce and local food.

Keep up with Halo Greens on facebook,on thewebsite, orin this article.

4- Anne Marie Blinco, Amaryllis Garden Greens: Launched a farm

Milton, Ontario, CanadaAmaryllis-farm-logo-300x148.png

Anne Marie Blinco chose a Frieght Farm to house her crops and feed her hometown of Milton. Formerly an EMT, Anne Marie moved on to greener pastures… er, ZipGrows with the launch of Amaryllis Garden Greens in July. She has started a CSA with several Cross Fit groups near her farm and specializes in spinach and bib lettuce.


Together we are creating social change through food. Anne Marie Blinco

In the new year, Anne Marie will be selling her fresh produce at the farmer’s market at well. And who knows? Maybe an expansion is in her future.

Learn more about Amaryllis Garden Greensin this article or check out the site.

5- Jerry Martin, Vet Veggies: Launched a farm

Springdale, Arkansas

Vietnam vet Jerry Martin and co-owner Darryl Hill started Vet Veggies in an effort to help younger veteran farms gain marketing momentum. The Vet Veggies brand was designed to givehydroponicsfarmers and advantage with a widely recognized brand.


“Any veteran who decided that they wanted to raise vegetable hydroponically, I would allow [those veterans] to use this brand of Vet Veggies free of charge to them. And as more of us do it, then maybe the brand would get noticed and it would be easier to market the vegetables,” says Jerry.Vet-Veggies_Full-Color.png

Jerry and Darryl are off to a great start in that effort. The first Vet Veggies farm is situated in a Freight Farm and grows unique, fresh produce for local buyer.We look forward to seeing the Vet Veggies expand to more farms.

Learn more about Vet Veggies on their Facebook page or in this article.

6- Sylvie Chaumont and Frank Maly, Bare Greens: Launched a ZipGrow aquaponic system

Morton Park, NSW, Australia

Bare Greens, run by team Frank Maly and Sylvie Chaumont, launched last August on their 130-acre stead, Morton Parkin the Southern Highlands of NSW. The farmincludes a ZipGrow aquaponics system, which provides food for a CSA, restaurants, and farmer’s market sales.


Frank and Slyvie’s farming goals are to provide fresh, environmentally fresh produce in way that benefits both the consumer and the farmer.


We look forward to working more with Bare Greens. Look for a spotlight post on this unique farm soon!

Learn more about this farm inon their Facebook page or on the Bare Greens site.

7- Eric Amyot and Eric Bergeron, Modular Farms: Became Canada’s ZipGrow manufacturer

Cornwall, Ontario, Canada

modular_farms.pngEric Amyot and Eric Bergeron founded theirfarm Smart Greens in 2014, but 2015 brought even bigger things for the business partners.Noticing the shipping and customs difficulties that most Canadian farmers faced when ordering ZipGrow from the US, Bergeron and Amyot decided to help them out. Starting in December of this year, the two partners will bemanufacturing and distributing the full suite of ZipGrow products right from Ontario.

We’re excited to see Canadian grower more empowered than ever before. And from what we know of Amyot and Bergeron, we expect to see even more expansion and ingenuity from them in 2016.

You can read more about Modular Farms on their site, or even give them a call at888-255-0405.

Bonus! -Marre Seleska,Green Wolf Vertical Farm: Started planning a farm

City, Texas

2015 has been a year of challenges for Marre Seleska, founder ofGreen Wolf Vertical Farm.Green_wolf_vertical_farm_marre_seleska.jpg

Though Marre’s original plan toconvert an existing steel garage into a ZipGrow farmwas delayed by wiring and plumbing issues , she continues toadapt to the circumstances. While building out her facility, Marre has learned a lot.

“Thanks to the USU courses, Upstart Farmer support and Bright Agrotechs blogs Ive been able to learn the nuts and bolts of the growing, system maintenance and learning to read the market trends in my area and avoid some major setbacks.”

me_and_greenhouse_parts_2_1.jpgMarre has big plans for this year.”2016 is the growth year,” says Marre. Between setting up her vertical farm to becoming involved in local programs to selling at farmers markets, Green Wolf Vertical Farmhas a big year ahead of it.

“We expect to double our tower production before the end of 2016 and are looking into leasing one of the many buildings standing empty in our little downtown area.”

We can’t wait to see Marre get started. Stay posted for more of Marre’s story and farm updates!

Learn more about this Green Wolf Vertical Farm on the Facebook page or on the Green Wolf website.


As you can see, these farmers come from every background, generation, and lifestyle.They all started with a passion and a dream, and they all made it come true.

Your turn.

Start by making a resolution to start that farm.

Congratulations! You’re that much closer to becoming a farmer.