How to Replace an LED Light Board in the CoolBar

Lights you can fix yourself

No farmer wants to wait through a lull in production every time he/she needs a light fixtureto be repaired.

Traditional lighting requires that growers remove broken fixtures, send them back to the manufacturer, and wait for the fixed light to be returned. That’s a lot of time that crops are left with inadequate light. We know that farmers would rather just grab the screw driver and do it themselvesin ten minutes. The fact of the matter is that farmers need a new kind oflight.

The CoolBar is the answer to that need.

The CoolBar is designed fortwo things:

1) Ruggedness: farmers need toughlights that willlast a long time.

2) Ease of service: farmers need self-serviceablelights that areeasy to fix if they dobreak.

We thought that a “simple fix” should be… well, simple. One such a fix is toreplace an LED light board. Each CoolBar has 6light boards. If one of them goes out, don’t ship it back. Just replace it.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Screw driver with #1 Phillips head
  • A table or workbench
  • A new light board (order one at 307-288-1188)

Ready to work? Here’s how to replace a light board:

Get a slide showof this process here.


How to replace a light board in your CoolBar in 6 steps

Step 1) Take off the pipe fitting. This is the fitting on the end of the bar that connects it to the water/coolant pipes. It might take a bit of wiggling since there is plumber’s glue to keep it from leaking.

Step 2) Remove screws on the end with a screw driver. There are four screws holding the end cap in place. Take them out and remove the end cap.

Step 3) Pop off the plastic shroud. Press down on one side of the shroud until it starts to pop out of the groove. Then take the edge of the shroud and run your fingers or a screw driver under it until the whole shroud has popped off the CoolBar.

Step 4) Unscrew screws on light board. There are seven small screws in the light board to keep it in place.

Step 5) Tug out the light board. The light board is connected to adjacent light boards with 2 pins on either end. These should wiggle free quite easily with a bit of a tug.

Step 6) Pop the new light board in and replace the screws, end cap, and pipe fitting. (In other words, put everything back the way it was.)


Get that CoolBar back to lighting your crops!

In conclusion:

Thought this post was a bit short? Good! This should be a quick, simple process.

After all, the light boardis directly linked to your production (and therefore profit), so you need to get it back in working order fast.

Enjoy the light.

Have questions? Feel free to give us a call at (307) 288-1188.

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