High Tunnels For Small Producers: The Greenhouse Shopping List

Posted by Amy Storey on December 5, 2015


Budgeting and sourcing materials can be a real pain.

greenhouse shopping list_greenhouse sunrise lightWhen you are planning to build out a greenhouse or warehouse space, you need to make sure that every dollar and every square foot counts. At Bright Agrotech, we believe that farmers like you are changing the face of our local food system. And like you, we are dedicated to low cost, common sense solutions that don’t compromise quality.

But as anybody who's worked in sourcing knows, finding the best component for every part of your greenhouse can be a huge time-suck. (Not to mention that it gets frustrating at times.)

So we did the research for you.

To help you avoid spending hours and hours of time tearing your hair out, we did the research for you and packaged it in Bright Agrotech's Greenhouse Shopping List.
Greenhouse Shopping List table of contents

Through the years, we've built two of our own high-tunnel greenhouses (equipped for and used in Wyoming's cold and wind) and helped dozens of farmers build their own greenhouses. We've developed preferences and made relationships that we'd like to share.

Download our Greenhouse Shopping List (It's Free)

The shopping list includes information on:

  • Spacing in your greenhouse
  • Parts and materials
  • Design
  • Customizing your greenhouse


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