Here's What We're Doing at the National Heirloom Expo

Posted by Amy Storey on August 27, 2015


Why we're going to the 2015 National Heirloom Expo

As we say often here at Bright Agrotech, it’s time for a new generation of farmers to wake up and smell the future. People have more power than they know, and they should start using it to make changes in our food system and for their own health.

It's time to get away from large-scale monocultural factory farms with their waste and lack of transparency, susceptible to devastating drought and mishandling of our fruits and veggies.

The immediate future is all about utilizing our existing underutilized spaces to grow the food we need to feed ourselves. It's about decentralizing our food production to reduce fragility and increase access to better food options for everyone.

The good news? The future is here.

Whether it's the bootstrapping Upstart Farmer empowering their communities with healthier, local food options grown in innovative ways, or it's the urban dweller hoping to grow a garden on the side of their building to feed themselves better salads, we're building a new, brighter food system everyday.

And our organization is proud to know our farming and gardening technology is serving as the tools in the new age grower's toolbox to bring it to life.

Learn more about the Expo here.

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We know that the attendees of the Heirloom Seed Expo are the kind of people who grow with purpose and with heirloom values, and we're excited to demonstrate our own heirloom values in a new body!

We’re psyched to share our old soul values through our 24-foot living Farm Wall, which we'll have on display at the Expo! And, what's more...

We're giving away a Farm Wall!

Bright Agrotech Green Wall

The Farm Wall is a vertical garden that can be built anywhere, from an apartment balcony to a backyard patio.

We're giving away a whole 8-tower Farm Wall at the Expo, so don't let the chance to sign up pass you by!

You'll have to visit our booth to sign up for the drawing.

You can also double your chances to win by tweeting at us!

Let us know you'll be coming by the booth and we'll give you another entry in the Farm Wall drawing.



Meet the team attending the Expo!


Come chat with us about any and all of the following...

  • Drought-resistant gardening techniques
  • New tech mixed with heirloom values enabling the fundamental right of growing one's own food!
  • Growing options for city dwellers to garden on balconies, patios, and walls
  • How ZipGrow technology is inspiring creativity in the classroom
  • Our favorite heirlooms!

Can't wait to see you at the Expo!

We’re looking forward to seeing you at the Expo, getting our hands on some exciting seeds, and talking smart gardening with you all.


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