Happy Towersgiving From Bright Agrotech!

Happy Thanksgiving (Towersgiving)!

ZipGrow thanksgiving saleFor Bright Agrotech, Thanksgiving is not just about counting our blessings (although we are very blessed); it’s about acknowledging the great movements that are happening in agriculture and among the growers that we’re proud to be working with.

You are the reason that we are able to do what we do. A few weeks ago I asked Dr. Storey who the main characters were in the beginning stages of the business.

“The early adopters,” he said.

These are the people who do their research and then act on it.

We are grateful for you…

… for your passion,

… and for your innovative ideas you’re implementing in order to make our food future bright and inviting.

This holiday season, we’re even more excited about the opportunity to delight you all on a much larger scale.

We have a number of great things planned for the upcoming holiday season and for 2015, but we couldn’t wait.

So this Thanksgiving season (starting Thursday) we’re giving away free tower for every three that you buy.

zipgrow tower sale

Save Big on Towersgiving

This Thanksgiving, we’re giving the Bright Community members the following discounts:

  1. Buy 3 Towers, get 1 FREE – Buy the 4-pack of ZipGrows as many times as you want on Black Friday. Each time you buy, the price of one tower will be subtracted from your total.
    Code to use at checkout: TOWERSGIVING14
  2. 15% off Spring Systems – Start your own indoor hydroponics system easily and quickly with our Spring System. Buy on Friday and get 15% off! Code to use at checkout: SPRINGSGIVING14
  3. 10% off all resources, small tower bundles, kits, and tutorials – Code to use at checkout: BRIGHTGIVING14

12 Days of Christmas Specials Starting Soon

Stay tuned for our “12 Days of Bright Agrotech” sales starting on Dec. 1st.

Until then, the Bright Agrotech Team wishes you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Hopefully you’re supplementing that delicious turkey with some herbs from your own aquaponics or hydroponics system!

Enjoy and stay tuned for more holiday specials.