Glancing Back, Moving Forward: Food Day 2014

Food Day 2014

Glancing Back, Moving Forward: Food Day 2014

It’s October 24th, and that means it’s Food Day!

It’s a time to reflect on our eating habits and ag practices, and it should be a time of joy, excitement and anticipation (not gloom and doom!).

Got a second? Let’s talk food.

What is Food Day?

According to

“Food Day inspires Americans to change their diets and our food policies. Every October 24, thousands of events all around the country bring Americans together to celebrate and enjoy real food and to push for improved food policies.

Why Food Day?

The typical American diet is contributing to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and other health problems. Those problems cost Americans more than $150 billion per year. Plus, a meat-heavy diet takes a terrible toll on the environment.

Eating Real can save your own health and put our food system on a more humane, sustainable path. With Americas resources, theres no excuse for hunger, low wages for food and farm workers, or inhumane conditions for farm animals.”

The Future of Food As Told By National Geographic

According to National Geographic:

“By 2050, Earth will likely be home to more than nine billion people. That’s a lot of mouths to feed. In a special eight-month series, “The Future of Food,” National Geographic investigates how to meet our growing need for nourishment without harming the planet that sustains us.” Watch here.

Bright Agrotech’s Vision for Food

ZipGrow towers of BasilWe’ve been active with the Food Day movement for many years now.

In fact, in 2012 we recorded a special video talking about our vision for the future of food.

It’s hard to believe two years have already passed, but it’s encouraging to see Dr. Nate’s vision of our food future taking shape.

For example, we now have Upstart Farmers all over the world doing huge things in alternative agriculture.

These vertical growers, while usually starting on a small, bootstrapped budget, are full of life, passion and empowered with the right equipment to scale quickly and make a big impact in their local communities.

Like many of us, these Upstart Farmers don’t pay attention to the naysayers, the doubters and the chronic debaters wishing to just breathe hot air.

They found a system that works, and they’re not slowing down to chat.

We recently heard a quote at our recent TEDx event that sums up how all our Upstart Farmers feel:

People that say it can’t be done should not interrupt those who are doing it.”

Upstart Farmers: Sweeping the Nation, Shaping The Future

Upstart Farmers Map

In case you didn’t notice…
As you can probably tell from recent blog articles, we have a really hard time containing our excitement about what our Upstart Farmers are doing lately.


reducing food wasteBecause the Upstart Farmer credo of innovative, impact-conscious, positive farming practices are sweeping the nation (and the globe).

They’re starting successful farms in a time when land prices are at all time highs, resources are becoming increasingly expensive, and their competitors are orders of magnitude larger than them.

How are they doing it?

They’ve discovered new technology and a new model of growing and distributing food.

This model is helping them drastically reduce their costs, increase their margins, and [most importantly] bring value to their retailer partners and customers.

And you know what? It’s catching on. They’re scaling. Upstart Farmers are becoming increasingly in demand across the globe as people discover what they’re missing out on.

Customers, you and me, want fresh food.

But not just fresh food, right? We want transparency. We want to know our farmers. We want to know what goes into growing our lettuce, our kales and our basil.

This kind of transparency has been all but lost in modern agriculture, but not anymore.

Upstart Farmers everywhere have heard the cry and are making enormous strides to give us what we want.

And THAT is exciting stuff!

A Look Back: Our Vision for Food Day 2012

Your reactions to a positive vision for the future:

“I like your positive attitude. Let’s have more “protected agriculture’ – protected by greenhouses, not by lobbyists!” – CornerTalker
“I would like to thank you and extend my sincere blessings to you, because you, my man, are doing a great job..! Your channel is awesome, in the name of all the people who appreciate this beautiful activity, thank you so much.” – Rod M.
“Pay attention cause were watching Agricultural reincarnation of Steve Jobs!”

Who Else is Talking About Food Day?

Here are a few of our favorite Food Day thinkers:

  • Food Tank – Food Day Events Coming to a City Near You
  • Joann Lo – Food Day 2014: Food Justice = Worker Justice!
  • The University of California (all of them!) is celebrating Food Day with lectures, discussions, film screenings, farmers markets, food demonstrations and special dining menus.
  • Barnraiser – Sharing answers to three ‘tweetable’ questions about supporting food innovators (like Upstart Farmers!)

So What Do You Think About the Future of Food?

Let us know in the comments below!