For 1 Day, Get Low Pricing on ZipGrow Towers

spring-cleaning-sale-preview.jpgSavea ton of moneywhile outfittingyour farm.

So you’ve been planning a farm or an expansion. You’ve been budgeting it, cutting back here and there to fit everything in.Maybe you decided to go with a cheaper model, a smaller tank, or a few less towers.

Catch a break in your budget.

Bright Agrotech is cleaning out inventory, which means great discounts for everyone. Today is the day to buy that equipment you’ve been planning on, from hydroponic nutrients, ZipGrow Towers, tohelpful guides.

Now you might not have to.

How much can I save?

This is the biggestZipGrow Tower sale that we’ve ever had!

We’re taking 30% off 3-foot and 7-foot tower bundles. If you’re outfitting an indoor farm with 7-footers, you save $1200-4800! That’s insane.

We’re also discounting other items by 5-50%.

(More details on discounts here!)

Psst… our sale prices only last 24 hours, from Noon Tuesday to Noon Wednesday.

Start saving right now.

PS – This is hands-down the best pricing you’ll get on ZipGrow Towers. Don’t wait to order and miss out!