Farmer Tip: Overcome Obstacles to Be a Better Farmer

Posted by Amy Storey on December 6, 2016

Nick Marasco runs Triple Threat Farm in Aurora, Illinois. The farm is part of a larger organization (Triple Threat Mentoring) which works to connect communities to a cause. In this case, the cause is under-resourced youth.

(Learn more about Triple Threat here.)

Since starting about a year ago, the Triple Threat Farm has burst with thriving crops and creating dozens of opportunities for local youth. Of course, every farm start up has a learning curve!


We got on a call with Nick to get some insight on his first year of farming. He shared a surprising reflection on his first year of farming: although he wishes he had been better prepared in a few aspects, Nick was ultimately glad for the setbacks because they allowed him to be a better farmer.

It's hard to see an event as a challenge rather than a disaster, but the ability to do so (grit) is an ability that we see in every Upstart Farmer.

After all, starting a farm takes fortitude in addition to knowledge. You've got to stick with your plans, constantly think strategically, and choose to rise to challenges that are presented. In Nick's case, he saw pest problems and learning farm management as a challenge that would ultimately contribute to the success of the farm.

The result? They did make Nick a better farmer.

Nick-Marasco (1).jpg 

Like a true Upstart Farmer, Nick is dedicated to an end-goal. This changes the way that he approaches problems. Instead of giving up or being discouraged, Nick uses those experiences to make himself a better farmer.

Learn what it takes to be an Upstart Farmer

Future Upstart Farmers are everywhere. Often, all it takes to get started on the path to become a farmer is a bit of education. Upstart University trains farmers like Nick to get funding, design a farm, choose equipment, and manage a farm.

Every farmer experiences a learning curve. We're here to make sure that like Nick Marasco, your learning curve is one that you can scale!

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