Don’t Miss Your Intro Webinar on Farm Compliance

Intro to farm compliance: FSMA, FDA Food Safety, & HACCP – Webinar December 10th!


If you’re starting your own farm, then you probably want to sell your produce. And if you’re selling your produce, odds are that you’ll need to understand HAACP, sanitation procedures, compliance, and Food Defense before many markets accept you.

If you’re looking at selling to grocery stores, especially, I can almost guarantee you that you’ll need to be compliant to get in.

The problem is that to many new farmers, these areas look like one giant question mark. They can be incredibly complicated and intimidating, right?

Not necessarily.

Upstart University, our online learning platform for anyone looking to become a farmer, is teaming up with Nicole Day Gray , the CEO and Founder of AgriForaging, Inc. to host a webinar on farm compliance on December 10th. Webinar on Farm Compliance agriforaging logo
AgriForaging, Inc. is a company which teams with farmers to find food safety and agricultural infrastructure compliance solutions, especially for diversified food systems.

USU constantly strives to give you a comprehensive look at topics like this. Our goal is to give you the info you need to feel comfortable and be informed – in under one hour. Sound like a good deal?
We think so too.

The details

When: December 10th at ll am (MST). We’ll send you a reminder email so you don’t forget.

Where: You can attend the webinar by registering here.

Who: Halle Brake and Nicole Day Gray will be presenting.

What will the webinar on farm compliance cover?

Here’s what we’ll be covering in “Intro to farm compliance: FSMA, FDA Food Safety, & HACCP “:

-Pre-requisites for HACCP
-What you should consider when dealing with clients
-Sanitation operating procedures
-Traceability & recall
-Elements of the Food Defense Program
-Other pre-req programs
-Supporting documentation & data collection

This webinar is designed to make your life easier – we’re going to deliver a bunch of information on you to save you the time of looking it up on the internet and wading through pages of legalese to find the info you want.

This webinar is closed, but you can access the recording through USU and see other free resources.