Discuss Organic Ag and Technology With Dr. Nate Storey And The OTA

Posted by Amy Storey on October 2, 2015

Dr. Nate StoreyJoin us for a discussion of Organic ag and technology

On Wednesday, October 7th, Dr. Nate Storey will join the Organic Trade Association in a panel discussion at the USA Pavilion and the World's Fair.

As an ambassador of the agricultural industry, Dr. Storey and other will showcase and educate on the US Organic System. This is an opportunity to highlight the innovation, integrity, diversity, and quality of the industry, USDA certified organic products, and the National Organics Program.

At "Organic AgTech: Exploring the Intersection of Organic Agriculture and Technology" you can join OTA for a discussion on organic agriculture and the increasingly common use of technology on the farm.

Click here to learn more about the panelists.

The USA Pavilion: a fitting setting for the discussion

The panel discussion will be held at the USA Pavilion, where the huge vertical farm stands as a reminder of the potential that new technology can have in all farming, including organic farming.

ZipGrow Milan 2015 expo pavilion

Inventor of the pavilion’s Vertical Farm Wall Dr. Nate Storey will discuss his innovative company Bright Agrotech how on farm technology is helping a new generation of farmers enter agriculture.

Dr. Storey is joined by Julie Versman of Marrone Bio Innovations (MBI). MBI develops bio-based products for pest management and plant health. There is a growing debate around the use of technology and organic farming, come hear from experts on this trending topic.

We'll see you there at 4 pm on October 7th.

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