CoolBar™ Sold Out 9 Days After Launch

High demand for water-cooled LED lights has Bright Agrotech taking pre-orders on second batch.

On July 9th, Bright Agrotech sold out of our new product, the water-cooled LED CoolBar™– only 9 days after the official product launch.  

The CoolBar represents a freedom for indoor farmers, who are typically chained to either high-intensity HVAC systems or low-intensity lights. Neither option is ideal for economical crop growth, and indoor farmers are painfully aware of the need for a better solution.

“People were looking for something that reduced their HVAC costs, that was super high intensity, and that was double sided,” says Bright Agrotech CEO Nate Storey. The CoolBar delivers these benefits. “We just built the product that people already wanted.”

The CoolBar was introduced through a series of live discussions on indoor farming and a live event on June 30, 2016.

“We already had a lot of interest from indoor farmers leading up to the launch, but we weren’t expecting them to go so fast,” commented Chief Operations Officer Perry Baptista. “There’s a lot of demand for this product, particularly in ZipFarms.”

Manufacturing has already begun on the second batch of CoolBars and the company is currently taking pre-orders on the light bars projected to begin shipping in October 2016.

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About Bright Agrotech:

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