Commercial Hydroponics Quick Tip: Scalable Systems

Posted by Chris Michael on September 10, 2014

Today's Commercial Hydroponics Quick Tip:

"What's the biggest concern about transitioning from a small-scale system to a commercial system?"



Hope this quick tip helps!

Remember, whether you're just starting a system or you're revamping your system to grow commercially, it's critical you design a system that scales with your production, while helping keep costs constant!


Helpful links:


Listen to two podcasts on scalable system design:

  • The Fundamentals of System Design Part 1
    • This episode will cover the fundamental principles of system design. Dr. Storey focused these principles on the needs of the system and how those needs can be fulfilled while supporting system resilience, ease of management, and system response.
  • The Fundamentals of System Design Part 2
    • This episode will cover the four factors of successful system design:
      1. How to design for specific crops
      2. How to design for specific markets
      3. How to design for specific uses
      4. How to design a system that you can scale

Stay tuned for more commercial farming quick tips from the experts at Bright Agrotech.


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