Commercial Hydroponics: Finding Local Restaurant Demand

Posted by Chris Michael on December 3, 2014

How do commercial hydroponic growers determine local restaurant demand?



Commercial Hydroponics: Finding Local Restaurant Demand Transcript

As far as figuring out what your local restaurants need, the easiest way to do that is to just go in and talk with the chef. This can be really tough because chefs are notoriously busy people, but if you show up usually some time between 9 and 10 as they're starting to prep for lunch, a lot of the time if you get in a little bit earlier than that you can find some time to actually sit down, chat with the chef, tell them what you have, and get their feedback.Altitudes-Green-Wall-Chef-.jpg


Chefs will be very open, very honest with you about what they're looking for and what they need. Not just in the quality and the quantity of the product, but also on pricing. Right off the bat you can start negotiating. Right off the bat you can learn what their needs are and how you can fill those needs.


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