BayBerry Fresh in Whole Foods Market

“Today is a big day for Local Food.”

Dear Friends and Readers,

When I first designed ZipGrow towers, I was concerned with the state of the slowly-dying American greenhouse herbs industry.

Basil in ZipGrow TowersIt was such a great industry- providing communities with fresh herbs- crops that didnt ship well, but gave food and meals so much flavor.

Since the 90s it had been dying a slow death (along with other traditional greenhouse businesses) as energy and labor costs rose.

I was very disturbed by this trend, and started thinking about how it could be reversed, how food could be grown more efficiently, more locally, and how one beautiful, simple technology could shift the balance of power from big to small, and from unsustainable to sustainable.

A Simple Solution

The result, after years of trial and error, was the ZipGrow tower: An extremely simple piece of technology that increased production, while lowering costs for producers, retailers and consumers.

It was difficult to make the entrenched, conventional market understand what was possible with this technology, but a few entrepreneurs, who felt just as strongly about local, sustainable food began to take up the cause, and risk it all to start farming.

Their farms are the embodiment of where herb and green production is going- super local, super fresh, and super healthy.

“…the beginning of something beautiful.”

BayBerry Fresh in Whole Foods

Today is a big day because today Haydn Christensen of BayBerry Fresh (in Ft. Collins, CO) began the delivering live towers of produce to Whole Foods.

While it may seem like business as usual, for so many people, this represents the beginning of something beautiful, as people reclaim their food, their communities, and their role in producing, selling and consuming produce that is better, safer, and sustainable than it has been in a very long time.

Live Sales Whole Foods

Optimistic for the Future of Food

Were so excited for Haydn- he represents a new breed of farmers that are no longer crippled by the cost of land or distribution.

We wish him all the best and encourage you to support his efforts to make the world a more sustainable place by checking out the Ft. Collins Whole Foods Market and buying yourself some of the freshest basil in the world.


Nate Storey, Ph.D

Co-Founder of Bright Agrotech, LLC