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The Best Way to Plant Seeds

Posted by Nick Robinson on May 10, 2017

The best way to plant seeds: what's your purpose?

Every growing operation, whether a commercial farm or backyard garden, starts with seeds. And around this time of the year, growers like you and me are dreaming of seed-starting systems with good germination, healthy seedlings, and low costs.

Choosing a system that will give you those things depends on your size, location, and growing goals. In this post, we're going to describe some of the best systems for commercial indoor and greenhouse growers, classroom growers, and hobby growers. 

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Aquaponics Stocking Density

Posted by Nick Robinson on July 10, 2013

Stocking density is a major consideration for anyone starting out in aquaponics. As so many people have asked about the best density for crop production, Dr. Nate Storey has given us an introduction to stocking density and some great advice that applies to starting, maintaining and managing a healthy and productive aquaponics system.

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Understanding Ammonia in Aquaponics

Posted by Nick Robinson on May 26, 2013

Ammonia in aquaponics

Ammonia is an important player in any aquaponic system. Being one of the primary fish products and an engine of your system's ecology, ammonia is important to understand. Hopefully this post will help you understand ammonia and ammonium.

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Topics: Aquaponics

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