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Holly and Poinsettias: Don't Leave Your Greenhouse Out of Christmas

Posted by Conner Armstrong on December 23, 2015


Holiday staples poinsettias and holly offer insights into growing decorative plants in your greenhouse—and, hey, it’s Christmastime; these beauties are in high demand.

The lasting, vibrant colors of poinsettias and hollies recommend themselves as easy winter decorations and have done so for centuries. Guatemalan and Mexican peoples decked their halls with poinsettias long before Franciscan missionaries introduced them to the idea of Christmas, and the scattered tribes of pre-medieval Europe hung holly over doorframes as part of religious winter celebrations. Americans, with roots in both hemispheres, cheerily scatter both around their homes each December.

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Urban Gardening Options for the Inspired Minimalist [Infographic]

Posted by Conner Armstrong on July 24, 2015

You want to get into gardening, but the confines of urban living mean you can only do so much. Choosing the right method allows you to grow a productive and vibrant garden. You'll be surprised by what you can grow in limited space!

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