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Amy has been studying aquaponics, hydroponics, and all things vertical farming since she joined Bright Agrotech in 2013 as Content Coordinator. She spends her days hunkered over her desk, reading in cafes, and hiking near Laramie.
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Planning a Greenhouse: Structures and Heating

Posted by Amy Storey on May 24, 2017
If you're planning a greenhouse, then you know how much climate will impact the heating and cooling of your greenhouse.  Growers can control temperature despite climate by having a properly sized HVAC system and by choosing the right structure and and covering.  

Before jumping into structure and covering, we have to understand that the structure type determines whether or not your greenhouse needs a foundation.

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Learn by Doing: How to Use a Pilot System to Learn Vertical Farming

Posted by Amy Storey on February 21, 2017

Do you need a pilot system for your vertical farming biz?

If you're starting an urban farm, chances are you're currently totally immersed in blog posts, YouTube videos and online courses, trying to learn as much as you can. 

And rightly so!

Starting a vertical farm takes a lot of time and financial investment, and you need to know what you're getting yourself into. 

But learning through listening or reading only gets you so far! To fully understand the details of running an urban farm, you must have real, hands-on experience.

After all, “knowledge without application is like a book that is never read." - Christopher Crawford

That's why it's critical you create a pilot (or test) system as soon as you can. 

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3 Of The Most Inspiring Farm Startups of 2016

Posted by Amy Storey on December 30, 2016

Starting a farm isn't easy. And yet we've seen hundreds overcome the challenges of starting a farm and do it. Now they're providing fresh, nutritious food to their communities in ways that we  truly admire.

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Considerations for Choosing a ZipFarm Location

Posted by Amy Storey on December 29, 2016

With today’s sophisticated growing equipment, modern farmers can produce local food anywhere there's a market for it, regardless of location or environmental constraints.

The ZipFarm – a turnkey indoor farm solution designed for humans – empowers today's most innovative farmers to grow food anywhere using vertical plane growing techniques.  

This unprecedented freedom is a key ingredient of the rapidly growing urban farming and the local food movement. 

For example, Green Mountain Ranch started a farm in an old school. Others transform gray warehouse spaces into verdant food factories, and still others build vertical plane farms in specially crafted compact containers.

In this post, we're giving you a few tips on what to look for in a building when you're thinking about starting your own indoor vertical farm. 

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Topics: Setup & Plumbing

Green Wolf Vertical Farm: Bringing Freshness to the Texas Panhandle

Posted by Amy Storey on December 23, 2016

Hundreds of years ago, the Texas panhandle was home to thousands of buffalo. After a few centuries of buffalo stomping on the ground, the soil was compacted and dense, leaving a challenge to future farmers.

Now, the land cattle country and home to thousands of acres of corn, wheat, milo, cotton, and other commodity crops grown by large farmers who have to amend the soil to make a living.

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7 Myths of Social Media Marketing for Small Farmers

Posted by Amy Storey on December 19, 2016

Marketing a farm isn't easy for every farmer, and Nick Burton (the Grower's Coach) understands that better than most.

He has also overcome many of the struggles of social media marketing for small farmers. In fact, Nick is a farmer himself - he grows both hydroponically and in the soil.

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Farmer Tip: Don’t Expect to Be a Farmer On Day One

Posted by Amy Storey on December 13, 2016

Kate Haverkampf runs Tassinong Farms in Crested Butte, Colorado. Kate started her farm because she was dissatisfied with the amount of time she spent away from her family.

If she could farm with only 20 hours a week, however, she would have time to spend with her husband and three daughters. Her research into container farms told her this was possible.

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Farmer Tip: Know How to Grow Before Hiring a Grower

Posted by Amy Storey on December 12, 2016

Yesterday, Farmer Tyler told us how important it is to balance growing with selling. Most farmers tend to lean towards one side of running the farm more than the other; for Tyler, a self-proclaimed plant science geek, learning to sell wasn’t his first inclination. For others, it might be the other way around.

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Farmer Tip: 2 Things That New Farmers Forget About

Posted by Amy Storey on December 11, 2016

Planning a farm can be an exciting process. Lots of new farmers look forward to farming so much, however, that they forget important parts of the planning process. We can't blame them - we have a hard time containing excitement ourselves - but unfortunately things that new farmers forget can cause problems later on!

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Farmer Tip: How to Avoid Seasonal Lag in Yield

Posted by Amy Storey on December 10, 2016

Lee Spiegel runs a youth training program through her hydroponic and aquaponic farm, Pulaski Grow.

The farm is the epicenter of training programs for business management and farming for youth ages 14-25. By the time they finish, the students at Pulaski Grow are work-force ready. (Learn more about that here.)

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