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The US Pavilion’s green wall is getting a lot of attention for different reasons, and with widely different responses. Just look through the comments on any post covering the topic.

One common theme I’ve seen is that of America, the “eco-monsters”, the rich and distant, the idoloters of corporate power. Because the pavilion is big and impressive, it can only be a masterpiece of the powerful, right?Bright_Agrotech_Logo_Redesign.png

Did you know that the green wall technology was designed by a 15-person company in small town Laramie, Wyoming? Did you know that the CEO still answers the phone there? Hows that for corporate power?

We love that Bright Agrotech was chosen to represent American food because the US Pavilion is supposed to be representative of the progress happening in the ag industry here. And the tech that makes the centerpiece of the pavilion possible is from one of the little guys. This is a perfectly accurate portrayal of the rise of small businesses in American agriculture.

Some people get that incredible architecture and impressive displays of innovation don’t always go hand-in-hand with corporate power.

We like the way that describes it:

“Unlike most pavilions historically, and recent US Pavilions in particular, American Food 2.0 is an invitation to enter a visible and transparent open public forum. The pavilion is characterized by openness, transparency, and accessibility. It is composed of sustainable design elements and with myriad references to American culture. Rather than a forced march through a fixed exhibition (as in the last Expo) the pavilion has a variety of experiences; a self-guided and flexible space, as well as a traditional linear exhibition. The building is a farm industrial inspired structure embracing both simple, industrial agricultural architecture and advanced technology in a very American amalgam of opposites.”


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