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Posted by Amy Storey on March 2, 2015

There’s a fast-paced movement happening in agriculture.Upstart Farming (2)

The age of the small vertical farmer is blooming into existence; the amount of technology and resources for small vertical farmers continues to climb, setting records every day, and the number of vertical farmers is following close on the heels of that spike.

Our fourteen-man team here at Bright Agrotech works early mornings and long nights to be at the center of that growth.

We constantly pump fuel into the engine of what we’re calling the Upstart Farmers Movement, a movement that champions transparency with food and sustainability in the practices that produce it.

We are also constantly assessing the status of the movement and needs of the farmers who are trying to join it.

There are two needs in particular that need to be addressed.

1) One is the need for high quality information for practical vertical farmers in way that doesn't require extra time or money.

2) The other is the need to shine a light on those taking action to make the future of food a brighter place... not just talking about it!

Will you be a part of it?

We decided to satisfy those needs with a podcast designed specifically for that guy who has a to-do list as long as his arm. For the local farmer who's trying to run a business.

At the end of the day, when these guys are exhausted, they shouldn't have to rally their energy to get online and go through search engines and downloads for the information they need. They should be able to pop in their headphones while planting or turn on their stereo during their commute.

The point is, information should be easy to acquire. We want to accomplish that standard for small farmers. Upstart Farmers Radio is a free podcast created for you, Upstart Farmer!

perry_baptista_headshot01_1024Perry Baptista, coordinator of the new podcast, says,

"It will be incredibly useful to Upstart Farmers to have this podcast that they can take with them into their greenhouse, while they’re driving, so on and so forth. As we all know, they’re really busy people, so being able to consume content that’s relevant to what they’re doing - that answers common questions, common issues, and basically being able to take all that with them - is going to be really useful to Upstart Farmers.

"We also hope that Upstart Farmer Radio is going to have a much broader appeal than that, introducing people who either want to be an Upstart Farmer or maybe just support what Upstart Farmers are doing in their communities, to give them something to listen to as well, that fills them in on what’s going on with the Upstart Farmer, what’s going on with that community, how they can get involved and how they can help."

The podcast will feature a number of current Upstart Farmers.

Upstart Farmers"We are featuring a lot of our most experienced, 'superstar' Upstart Farmers on the show," says Perry, "so in the first five episodes we’ll hear from Haydn Christensen from Bayberry Fresh, we’ll hear from Noah, the greenhouse manager here at Bright Agrotech, and Marilyn Yamamoto of Cowboy Trail Farms, and Teryl Chapel of City Planet farms in New York.

For the next few episodes, we’re definitely going to have Chris Lukenbill with Fresh With Edge, and we should have quite a few other Upstart Farmers who have recently done some crowd funding things as a topic that we’ve thrown around. It’s my goal to highlight as many Upstart Farmers as we can on the show as frequently as possible.

So, you might be thinking, There are tons of farming podcasts out there; how is this one different than those?

While many other farming podcasts are helpful and definitely worth listening to, Upstart Farmer Radio is designed specifically for the issues surround real vertical farming and the processes that define it.

"Other podcasts are about things that really aren’t applicable to the Upstart Farmers - things like commodity prices or international food issues. There are some other great small farming podcasts out there and they’re also helpful, but they’re talking about a different farming operation - much smaller, with different crops that they’re growing, sometimes involving livestock as well, whereas Upstart Farmers are really focused on high volume, efficient, vertical aquaponics and hydroponics. It’s a style of farming that’s new to a lot of people."


Listen to Episode #1 of Upstart Farmers Radio


usfr-launch-featured-image1 (2)

Learn more about Upstart Farmers by tuning into Upstart Farmers Radio. It’s available on iTunes, Stitcher, and Soundcloud, and it’s brimming with tips and ideas to make your life easier and prevent trouble on your farm.

Hours of work and thought go into each episode; consider it an investment in your farm.

You are the future. Time to act like it!

Subscribe to the podcast today and start raking in the knowledge.

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