[Announcing] – High Intensity, Water-Cooled LED Lighting for Indoor Farmers.

Bright Agrotech unveils high intensity, water-cooled LED lights for indoor farmers.

On Thursday, June 30th, Laramie-based agriculture technology company Bright Agrotech will be announcing their latest innovation: water-cooled LED lighting technology, designed for indoor crop production. It’s name is the CoolBar.

Powerful LEDs Minusthe Heat

“This product has been designed as one of the most powerful LED solutions available. It can provide significant gains in crop yields,” says Damon Smith, Director of Product Development.

Smith and his team have been working on a high-intensity light solution for several months now. “But all the extra illumination also came with a lot of unwanted heat. We have worked with a number of different lighting models, and we consistently required a significant investment in HVAC to keep the environment cool.The CoolBar solves this issue with a unique water-cooled design that we havent seen anywhere else.”

Decoupling Light and Heat

CEO of Bright Agrotech, Dr. Nate Storey,will talk about the how the CoolBar can remove unwanted heat from the production environment without significant investments in HVAC and cooling infrastructure.

For those tuning into the recent “Let’s Talk Indoor Farming” live event series, indoor farmers and their investors often have to make significant investments in HVAC infrastructure to manage their growing environments.

LED lights, while much more efficient that traditional artificial lighting, still produce a lot of heat that can adversely affect the growing environment.

“Being able to de-couple the light from the heat poses major benefits to indoor farmers everywhere,” says Dr. Nate Storey.

For more info, here’s a quick teaser of Thursday’s announcement.

Tune in for the live announcement this

Thursday at 12pm at


About Bright Agrotech

Bright Agrotech provides hardware, software, and services for controlled environment agriculture (CEA) industry. The company provides distribution globally, with locations in Australia, Canada, China, Europe, Singapore, South Africa, and Trinidad and Tobago.

This event marks thecompanys entrance into the high-tech lighting product market. The company has previously announced new developments in vertical plane hydroponic production techniques, with solutions for both greenhouse and indoor growers, along with a virtual farm assistant that empowers growers of all types to better manage their crop cycles.

Our CoolBar development team includesDamon Smith, Tristan Lim, Ken Stutzman, and Nate Storey.