Planning a Greenhouse: Structures and Heating

The Best Way to Plant Seeds

Greenhouse Business: Start-Up Costs, Profits, and Labor

Arizona Farmer Expands Sales Opportunities with ZipGrow Towers

Olive Trunk Farm Seizes the Opportunity to Feed Texas Town

Learn by Doing: How to Use a Pilot System to Learn Vertical Farming

Modern Hydroponic Production: Why All the Right People Are Wrong

The 6 Main Challenges of Classroom Gardens (And How to Overcome Them)

The Top 7 Reasons to Start a Classroom Garden

The Best Crops For Vertical Farming

3 Of The Most Inspiring Farm Startups of 2016

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Green Wolf Vertical Farm: Bringing Freshness to the Texas Panhandle

7 Myths of Social Media Marketing for Small Farmers

Farmer Tip: Don’t Expect to Be a Farmer On Day One

Farmer Tip: Know How to Grow Before Hiring a Grower

Farmer Tip: 2 Things That New Farmers Forget About

Farmer Tip: How to Avoid Seasonal Lag in Yield

Farmer Tip: Good Farmers Are Willing to Learn All Day, Every Day

Farmer Tip: Distribution Model Is Just As Important As Growing

Farmer Tip: What Happens When You Use Galvanized Tanks in Hydroponics?

Farmer Tip: Overcome Obstacles to Be a Better Farmer

Farmer Tip: The 2 Most Important Things To Do When Starting a Farm

Farmer Tip: Stay Focused When Things Get Tough

Farmer Tip: How To Use Live Sales To Scale Your Farm

Farmer Tip: How to Make a Great First Impression on Restaurant Prospects

Farmer Tip: Keep Up On Farm Tasks To Avoid Catastrophe

Planting a ZipGrow Tower

How to Keep Worm Bins for Your Classroom Garden

25 Crops You Can Grow In ZipGrow Towers

How To Make Compost Tea

HATponics: How to Feed 20 Million People by 2020

American Heartland Acres: Pioneering Locally Grown Basil in North Carolina

[Live event] - Can Indoor Farming be Profitable?

[Live Event] - LED Lighting and HVAC: Breakthrough Innovation

[Live Event] Indoor Farming Startup Costs and Financing Strategies

Wyoming Business Council Approves Grant for Bright Agrotech's Headquarters

Zeponic Farms Grows Food and Opportunities for Special Needs Community

This Colorado Vertical Farm is Building Community Through Food

[Live Event No. 3] - Economics of Indoor Crop Production: Operating Expenses

[Live Event No. 2] - Investing in Indoor Farming

[Live Event No. 1] - The Evolution of Indoor Farming

Join In: How Will New Technology in Indoor Ag Affect Farmers?

Edible Learning Lab: The 3 Things You Need to Start a School Garden

7 Facts That Will Make You Rethink the "Sterility" of Hydroponics

Fresno EOC: Experiential Learning in the Food Basket of the World

3 Things Every Successful Farmer Does

Indoor Agriculture is Exploding: Now's the Time to Start an Indoor Farm

Harvesting Basil for Higher Yield and Longer Shelf Life

Flushing Hydroponic Systems: Nutrient Imbalance, Waste, and An Alternative Solution

Can Grow Lights Burn My Plants?

How Far Should My Lights Be From My Seedlings?

How Long to Keep Light on Your Seedlings

Farmers Can Make a Difference In the Global Water Crisis

Navigating Zoning Regulations for Urban Farms

Quick Tips: How to Get Your Money's Worth from Farm Consultants

Understanding Biological Surface Area in Aquaponics

What To Look For in a Hydroponic Growing Medium

Light Dynamics: 3 Things You Need to Know About Artificial Lighting

Happy Birthday Upstart University: Looking Back on Student Success

Kula Urban Farm Does More Than Just Grow Food

Sizing a Pump for Aquaponics or Hydroponics

International Women's Day Highlights Farming Opportunities

Choosing a Hydroponic Substrate: Tips From the Pros

myfood Pioneers Sustainable Greenhouse Kit in Europe

Triple Threat Mentoring Builds Chicago's First ZipFarm

10 Tips for Farmers on The Post-harvest Care of Herbs

Higher Education in Crisis: How Colleges Fail at Vocation

The Search for Meaning; How Colleges Are Failing at Mentoring

Your First Barnraiser Campaign: The Do’s and Don’ts

Parties, Protests, and Pot; It’s Time to Rethink College Education

Benefits of True Vertical Farming Include Reduced Labor

What Does Community-Based Food Really Look Like?

An Introduction to Automatic Dosing in Hydroponics

Do You Have to Go to College to Be Successful?

Why Are So Many Indoor Farmers Crazy About LEDs?

7 Common Questions About Autodosing in Hydroponics

Worried That a Galvanized Tank Might Kill Your Fish?

Could Indoor Ag Be a Solution To India's Small Farm Crisis?

PAR, LEDs, and Indoor Farming

How Plant Shapes Are Affected By Tropism In Vertical Farming

10 Things Indoor Farmers Should Know About LED Lighting

How To Start a Farm in 2016: Do It Like These 7 Farmers

Holly and Poinsettias: Don't Leave Your Greenhouse Out of Christmas

4 Reasons Why Local Food is Trending

How to Reduce Humidity in A Greenhouse

Meet Halo Greens: Charleston's (Aquaponic) Circle of Life

How to Assemble Your Farm Wall

How to Build A Rolling Stand For Your 2-Tower Farm Wall

Modular Farms Now Outfitting Canadians with ZipGrow

High Tunnels For Small Producers: The Greenhouse Shopping List

Don't Miss Your Intro Webinar on Farm Compliance

A Gift Guide for the Hydroponic Grower

10 Champions of the Local Food Movement

Towersgiving: This Year, We're Giving More Than Thanks

Two Of The Most Commonly Forgotten Issues Of Vertical Farming

The ZipFarm™ is Growing Local Farming Opportunities Indoors

Welcome A Veteran-Run Farm: Vet Veggies!

ZipFarms™ Are Easy To Use, And We Have The GIFs To Prove It

Bright Agrotech Officially an Autodesk Cleantech Partner

How To Empower Youth With A Farm: Be Like Lee

2 Ways to Build a DIY Hydroponics System

7 Ways to Plant ZipGrow Towers Faster

DIY Seedling Cart with Flood Trays [Tutorial]

The Intersection of Ag Tech and Organic [Presentation]

Vertical Farming Costs and the Math Behind Them

Discuss Organic Ag and Technology With Dr. Nate Storey And The OTA

What Every Indoor Farmer Needs To Know About UV Clarifiers

What Happens When Restaurants Become Urban Farms?

All About Dosing Systems For Indoor Growers

The Best Sump System for Indoor Farmers

Old Soul, New Body: Tech At The National Heirloom Expo

A Day in the Life of an Upstart Community Builder

Seed Starting For Indoor Farmers: Smart Seedling Racks

Seed Starting for Indoor Farmers: Types of Seed Plugs

Seed Starting for Indoor Farmers: Propagation Chambers

Here's What We're Doing at the National Heirloom Expo

Mistakes Could Be The Best for Experiential Learning

The Next Generation for Galactic Farms

A Week at Bright Agrotech: ZipRacks and Pull-Ups

Fable: From Farm to Table - Welcome a New Upstart Farmer!

Scientific Innovation​ and the Roadmap to STEM Con in Wyoming

Roaming the Farmers' Market: July 24 at the ZipGrow Farm Wall

Welcome Amaryllis Garden Greens, New Upstart Farmer!

Urban Gardening Options for the Inspired Minimalist [Infographic]

The Evolution of the ZipGrow Farm Wall Design

This Small Town Pub is Transforming the Local Food Scene

American Students Visit the Operation Behind the USA Pavilion

The Great Tilapia Fry of 2015

Science Club Uses Vertical Garden To Spark Innovation

The Immediate Future of Food?

Vertical Farming Investment a Burgeoning Opportunity

The Problems Behind the Water Crisis [Commentary]

Top 10 Funding Opportunities & Grants for School Gardens

Tips for Successful Pest Control [From an IPM Professional]

Super Student Innovation Results in Exciting Opportunities

The Many Benefits of Living Walls

A Day in the Life of Elijah, Grower Empowerment Specialist

Free Webinar: Get Farm Funding Through Kiva Zip

FFA and Hydroponics: An Interview with Jay Super

Ag Tech is Moving Fast, Says the Wall Street Daily

What Indoor CO2 Enrichment Can Do For You

What Happens When You Combine Hydroponics and STEM?

The One Thing You're Probably Overlooking in Your Greenhouse

The Atlantic: Vertical Farming Is On the Rise

Why Every Teacher Should Be On Pinterest

2 Types of Basic Market Research for New Farmers

How and When to Clone Plants for Your Vertical Farm

Dr. Nate Speaks At Entrepreneur Event

Save Time and Money By Seeding a Wicking Tray has the details on USA Pavilion

New York Times Spotlights the USA Pavilion

USA Pavilion Spotlighted by Inhabitat (With Picture Gallery)

Engadget Discusses USA Pavilion and Energy Efficiency

8 Fun Ways to Use Hydroponic Produce in Your School

Quick Tip: Growing Microgreens for Upstart Farmers

USA Pavilion Green Wall Featured on Curbed

USA Pavilion on WPR (Wyoming Public Radio)

Crowdfund Your Farm Successfully [Free Webinar]

How A Hydroponic Garden Transformed This Kansas School

Women in Ag: Why aren't there more?

11 Farms Worth Watching

What Happens When You Put ZipGrow in a 3rd Grade Classroom?

Meet the Whartons: Taking a Backyard Garden to New Heights

Quick Tip: How to Tell if a Market is Worth Attacking

Ask Dr. Nate Episode 12: Lighting for Vertical Farms

Meet Barnraiser: Kickstarter for Farmers - Interview with CEO Eileen Gordon

A Day in the Life of Elesif, Farm Business Development Director

Ask Dr. Nate Episode 11: Carbon Dioxide for Indoor Growers

What to Expect From Your Classroom Garden

Is Monocropping Rewarding or Risky?

How to Grow Seeds in a Greenhouse

Ask Dr. Nate Episode 10: Alkalinity in Hydroponic Systems

Towers Leaking? Here Are The 3 Most Probable Reasons Why

Insights from Indoor Ag Con 2015

Farm Tech, Indoor Ag Con, and Accelerated Innovation

Ask Dr. Nate Episode 9: Growing Indoors

How and When to Plant Your ZipGrow Classroom Garden

Quick Tip: What is the first market that I should attack?

Why You Should Think About Crowdfunding Your Farm

Ask Dr. Nate Episode 8: RO Filters

Quick Tip: Foliar Sprays to Treat Deficiencies

We'd Love to See You at Indoor Ag Con 2015

Ask Dr. Nate Episode 7: Seeds, Cold Weather Greenhouses, and Mildew

A Day in the Life of Perry, Upstart Farmer Community Coordinator

Should I plant Multiple Crops in My Classroom Garden?

Ask Dr. Nate Episode 6: The magical mystical rainbow life energy of structured water

Upstart University: Farm Training From Start to Finish

How To Grow Seeds For Your Classroom Garden

Testing Hydroponic Nutrients

Control of Basil Downy Mildew

Ask Dr. Nate Episode 5: Fertilizers in aquaponics and mistakes from our past

Spring System Maintenance

ZipGrow at the World's Fair 2015 U.S. Pavilion

Upstart Farmers Growing Strawberries in ZipGrow Towers

Beyond beauty: a living wall for today's food landscape

Announcing Upstart Farmers Radio

Ask Dr. Nate Episode 4 Seed Quality, fish tanks and fingerlings in strange places!

Quick Tip: Nutrient Toxicity

Why the Strawberry Industry is Failing (And What’s Going to Happen Next)

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